Tunnel Town Update: New Spooky Bunnies!

This week they finally came out with some more new bunnies for Tunnel Town.  Just in time for Halloween, welcome the Spooky bunnies!


There are a total of three different kinds of Spooky bunnies, each with two variations, that’s six new bunnies total!!  If you want to see how to hatch all three different kinds of Spooky bunnies, head on over to the Tunnel Town Breeding Guide!

The first new Spooky bunny is the Pumpkin Bunny, a Halloween classic!  I wonder if they get uncomfortable wearing a jack-o-lantern on their heads?!



The next new Spooky bunny is the Vampire Bunny!  Be careful not to let them bite you…Unless of course you want to become a vampire!



Lastly, you can hatch the two Franken Bunnies – both the husband and wife!  I love their hair styles!



Be sure to check out the Bunny Breeding Guide to see how to make these new bunnies!  Also if you have any bunny combos that I haven’t listed, please leave them in the comments and I’ll give you credit for posting them!

  1. I have two pumpkin bunny ,breed a orange pumpkin bunny :
    breed : sun + rosebud bunny let’s a 4 hours and 30 minutes
    and black pumpkin bunny ,I am buying a pumpkin bunny with a 7500 games
    And breed pumpkin + pumpkin = pumpkin and vampire and frenken bunnies

  2. Lol the thar bunny looks like frankinstine the zombie! XD

  3. who need a free member i will give a free member in a animal jam

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  5. First of all bugzy109 it’s a founder bunny and second of all Maiajo it’s mountain not mouton

  6. Get a pumpkin bunny then bread it with a mouton bunny

  7. I love Tunnel Town! It’s sooo cute! I just wish I downloaded it when it first came out so I could get the flounder bunny 🙁

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