Turning the Tide Adventure Guide & Cheats

Turning the Tide is the newest Ocean adventure to come to Animal Jam.  It is currently for members only and you must have completed the Basic Training to go on the adventure.  Tavie the Alpha dolphin has been captured by the phantoms and it’s up to you to rescue her!


First talk to Graham, he’ll tell you to find some whirlpearls and destroy the Phantom fan below you so you can swim down further.

You will see a phantom floating near the surface of the water. You need to get the phantom to follow you all the way down to the chomper clam so it gets trapped. Then you’ll get the valve to turn off the pipes.

Put the valve back on the pipe and use the “swirl” action to spin the valve.

This will turn off the sludge so you can access the whirlpearls. Pick up the whirlpearls and drop one on the fan to destroy the fan and the phantom guarding it.

Swim down under where the fan was. Use your whirlpearls to defeat the phantoms and you’ll get the phantom key.

Use the phantom key to unlock the passage below.

Go into the passage and you’ll see three phantoms in the way. You need to lure them into the three chomper clams so you can get past them.

Pick up some more whirlpearls to defeat the remaining phantoms. Swim to the right until you see Admiral Venicia. She tells you that you need to find the skeleton key in order to find the Bottlenose Brigade.

Swim around using your whirlpearls to destroy the phantoms and their fans. You need to find all three valves to turn off the phantom sludge pipes.

There are three different whirpool areas that you need to explore to find all three keys. See the picture of the map below.

Once you shut off all three phantom valves, swim by them to find the skeleton key.

Use the key to unlock the passage below and then enter it. On the other side you’ll see a soldier from the Bottlenose Brigade. He’ll tell you that you need to rescue the rest of the brigade.


Swim around and use the skeleton key to unlock the members of the Bottlenose Brigade.

Keep swimming forward with the Bottlenose Brigade and use your skeleton key to free the rest of the members. After you free all of the members, you’ll get the new tail for Tavie.

Give Tavie her new tail and she will give you a valve so you can shut off the phantom pipes.

You need to hit the pipe a few times first before you can put the new valve on it.

Put the valve on the pipe and use the swirl move like you did with the other pipes. You can pick up some more whirlpearls on the other side of the phantom pipe.

Now this part can be a little confusing. You need to use your whirlpearls to break the grey colored swirl rocks. You’ll find the three aqua crystals behind these rocks.

You also need to break the rocks under Tavie’s cage so you can place the aqua crystals.

Once you find all three aqua crystals, Tavie will be free from her cage. Follow her up to the surface of the water and you’ll find the other Alphas waiting there.

That’s it! Adventure complete, you saved Tavie! Way to go!


  1. i love animal jam people hi everyone i love julian2

  2. No matter how many times I try, it simply won’t allow me to destroy the phantom fan. Can you help me..?

  3. so where do you drop the whirl pearl i dropped it like every where but it wont work

    • I’m having trouble too. I dropped like a 100 pearls and it didn’t work :(.

    • The exact same is happening to me!

      • That used to be a bug with the adventure, but they fixed it now.

  4. wow that was awesome I like it.
    But, that is the prize?

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