Types of Animal Jam Gift Certificates

If you want to give people an Animal Jam membership, there are a lot of ways you can do this, and several types of Animal Jam Gift Certificates available. If you check out Animal Jam’s official online store then you will find many different memberships to give that person you love an awesome gift.

Membership Gift Certificates

You can get 12 months of an Animal Jam membership for $57.95, which is for 25,000 bonus gems, 60 bonus diamonds, and 12 months of Animal Jam membership. You can get 6 months of Animal Jam membership for $29.95, which comes with 9,000 bonus gems, and 25 bonus diamonds. There is also a 3 month Animal Jam membership which is $15.95, and includes 6,000 bonus gems.

Diamond Gift Certificates

You can get 25 diamonds for $19.95 or 10 diamonds for $9.95, and both of these are just diamond gift certificates.

Gem Gift Certificates

You also can get gem gift certificates through the website, with 100,000 gems being $59.95. You can get 25,000 gem gift certificate for $19.95, and then 10,000 gem gift certificate for $9.95.

All of these can be found on Animal Jam’s official website and you will find out that it is so easy to get the various Animal Jam gift certificates online, since they come in your email. You will really also love how easy it is to get more gift certificates when you run out, and you can always find out that there are sales too you can get in on which run different times of the year.

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