Using Your Credit Card to Pay for AJ Outfitters Purchases

Hey guys, if you would like to pay by credit card for your AJ Outfitters purchases, here is an easy way to do it without it taking too much time.

Simply just put the items in your shopping bag, choose PayPal at checkout as your payment type. Then you want to click “Place my Order” which then will confirm your order, and then you end up being directed to PayPal’s website. When you get there click “Pay with debit or credit card, or PayPal credit” option, and then just enter your credit card information. After that, click on “Pay” to complete your purchase, and then you are automatically taken back to the AJ Outfitters website. If the transaction did not go through, a new popup window will show up to tell you.

Remember to use a regular computer to make these types of purchases for AJ Outfitters, because sometimes using mobile can be difficult and it’s easier to actually mistype your information when you are on mobile due to the smaller keyboard. Also being on your computer is better because you are more likely to only purchase the items you want, as sometimes on mobile you think you checked an item to put into your cart but it ended up not being checked like you thought. So a word for the wise is to make sure you are on the computer so you are not making an human errors or mistakes. It also helps ensure that your payment information is safe when you are on your computer as opposed to mobile where you never know if someone takes your phone if they could get your information.

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