Want to Know About the Parent Dashboard?

If you are a parent and have a child who wants to play Animal Jam, then you need to know about the Parent Dashboard. The Parent Dashboard gives parents a lot of options when it comes to controlling their child’s online privacy and presence within the community in Animal Jam. Every player account in Animal Jam has to be linked to a Parent Dashboard and a parent needs to validate their account for the best results. Here are some things that you need to know about when it comes to what you can do in the Parent Dashboard.

parent dash animal jam

You can login to your Parent Dashboard in order to disable or enable the player account. You also can reset passwords through your parent account. You will be able to see the discipline history of your child’s online account and also the current account status, which would show whether or not your child is any pending accusations against them. When you go into your Parent Dashboard, you can also see the login history, which means you will know when and where your child has logged into their player account to play the game.

Using your Parent Dashboard, you can also see the chat option available, and you can change the chat options you want your child to use at any time. You can also toggle the trading and gifting abilities of your child’s account and see the redemption code history. You will also be able to use the Parent Dashboard to look into membership controls and the billing, such as if you need to cancel the recurring membership or change your billing information. All of the email notifications are also sent to the email address used for the Parent Dashboard, so if you need to change this, you can change the email in the settings on your Parent Dashboard as well.

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