How Your Animal Jam Account Could Be Suspended

Hi Jammers! Today we are going to be talking a little about account suspension and what exactly that means for you, as well as what can get your account suspended. Basically, Animal Jam Head Quarters uses a team of moderators who are trained in reviewing all activities in the game, including chats and the reports from players.


Moderators are looking to see if any of the behaviors in Animal Jam, such as cheating, scamming, inappropriate language, bullying, or inappropriate roleplay are going on, because all of these things are not tolerated at all in Animal Jam. If there are any of these issues, the player account at fault will see disciplinary action. There is also a way to get your account suspended if you begin unfair trading deals, and this includes gifting as well. If you are doing something shady when it comes to trades, your account is immediately suspended because Jammers need to be kept safe, and no one in Animal Jam should be getting ripped off by another player.

Inappropriate language will likely get your player account demoted, which means you can only use the Bubble Chat. Again, this is because every Jammer should feel safe in the game, so inappropriate language will not be tolerated. It is important that the Jammers realize that your chat can be demoted rather quickly, especially if you tend to be going around the filters already in place to prevent inappropriate language while in the game.

The moderators will look for any accounts that are violating the rules set on Animal Jam, and if you violate the rules, the moderators will suspend your account for a certain period of time. There will also be email notifications sent to the parent email tied to the Animal Jam account, so you cannot get away with breaking the rules without your parents finding out what is going on. This is put into place because the parents have a right to know what is going on, and they can help you if you are having trouble with someone in the game but you ended up being the one getting your account suspended over the situation.

  1. My friend got his chat suspended and he didnt know why….it says bubble chat only but u cant see the chat bubbles..he just logged on and it said his chaat had been suspended.

  2. Can someone tell me what “BAIT” is? Someone told me to say it and I got suspended. I am very unhappy at the moment.

  3. Ugh I just got suspended and I wanna know if the email which goes to my parents states y I got suspended and how long is this?

  4. I got suspended for nothing and it says that you are suspended and session has timed out. How long is the suspension

  5. My animal jam account was suspended. It said the suspension would last a week – however, it has been ten days, and the login page still pops up with the “This account is suspended and cannot log in at this time” message.
    Anyone else have this issue or know what to do?

  6. Where do I have to look to see when I was suspended?

  7. I got suspended but how long do u have to use only bubble chat for? It sayes on the website temporarily but how long is that it could be for a year for all we know pls reply

  8. RUBYYOGI No you may not. You just want rare stuff. At least that is what I am assuming. If you actually got scammed I’m sorry for this whole message.

  9. lol I put in my own email for the parent dash board thing so my parents have no idea.When I’m suspended #GOALS.

    • same OMG it actually work noone know when i am suspended 🙂 😀

  10. My sister & I’s account is tied to my email, and we aren’t bad ppl. 😛

  11. Bob,when either you play wild or AJ, your account will still be suspended if you try to play Aj play wild.

  12. I got suspended and I am still suspended to this day but I’m playing animal jam play wild does that still do the same thing!??!?!?! Ps i still want my thing and i said beach and it suspended me idk why but that happened unless people just repirted me for no reason and i have a question i really want to go on animla jam now so how can u get on it and how much more time I have left on my suspendtion

  13. I got scalm could I plz have a fox hat and a rare worn

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