What All Jammers Have Access To

Animal Jam members have access to exclusive content and features in Jamaa, but even if you are not a member you still can get a lot of content and features of the game. Here are the items that you can get in Jamaa world even if you are not an Animal Jam member.


Trading- You can trade items with your friends and other Jammers regardless of membership, and you can even trade accessories with other players.

Earn Gems- You are also able to earn specific amounts of gems in Jamaa by playing various games within the game, and the amount of gems you can earn depend on the game you are playing and how well you do.

Exploring All of the Land– In Animal Jam, even if you are not a member, you will still have access to all of the oceans in Jamaa, and you will still have access to all of the land too.

Play and Win in the Daily Spin- You will be able to play the Daily Spin, where you can earn diamonds and gems for free. You only get one Daily Spin a day though, so login to get your free diamonds and gems.

Host Parties– You are able to decorate your den and you still will be able to host really cool parties, which are full of fun and adventure.

Get Clothing and Accessories- Even if you are not a member, you can still dress up your animals in cool accessories and clothing items. You can get a lot of different animals and dress them up in many different exciting and fun outfits.

Go on Adventures and Adopt a Pet- You will still be able to adopt a pet and also go on a lot of neat adventures in Animal Jam, even if you are not a member.

Submit Your Artwork- Every Jammer in the game has the chance to submit their artwork and screenshots, which are all based on the theme for that week. You will have the chance to be on the Daily Explorer if you win an artwork competition and also could be an “honorable mention” in Jammer Central.

Fill Out Journey Book– All Jammers get a Journey Book, and if you fill out the book, you have the chance to win some cool prizes. The Journey Book is a great way to write down all of the fun things you do in the game, and it helps you create a scrapbook essentially of your times in Jamaa.

Play Games and Watch Videos- You will be able to watch all of the videos available in Jamaa and on Animal Jam, and you will also be able to play games with your friends and other Jammers from all over the world.

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