What If There is a Duplicate Order on Animal Jam?

Hi parents! We know you might have questions about Animal Jam, especially if you are thinking about making purchases in the game, such as game memberships. One of the most important questions comes from the fact that you might notice a duplicate order on your account, and you might not know how to handle this.

If you get a duplicate charge on your account, you can make a refund request, but it must be within 45 days of the initial purchase in order to get the full refund. You can contact support@animaljam.com if you noticed a duplicate order and need to get that corrected. Always check over your statements because duplicate orders can happen, especially if you accidentally hit the submit or payment button twice by mistake.

You need to remember though that the duplicate order refund can only be put back onto the original form of payment, so if you used a specific credit card to make the initial order, then that credit card is where the full refund will go. There is no way to issue a different payment method or to issue the refund to another credit card, so you need to make sure the credit card or other method of payment first used is still working and valid. If the credit card that was used was canceled or happened to expire, then you cannot request a refund as there is no way to change where the refund is issued, and this is in the Terms of Service as well.

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