What is Safe Chat on Animal Jam?

If you are a parent, you must provide consent that is verified in order for your child to use certain features on Animal Jam, which includes Safe Chat. You might be wondering how you can verify you are the parent, which does require you to do a little work. You need to activate your parent dashboard in order to setup the validation process and verification that you are indeed the parent.


Animal Jam Head Quarters requires that the parents verify consent that the player account can use Safe Chat beforehand, and this is reserved for only the player accounts who have an active Animal Jam membership at the moment. There are other types of chat options out there as well such as Bubble Chat and Restricted Chat, but the parent has to be involved in all of these before the chats can become activated. This is because Animal Jam wants the parents to be aware of what their child is doing online, so no chats will become activated in the player account until the parent sets up the parent dashboard and then chooses which chat is right for their child, which can sometimes depend on the age of the child.

In terms of the Safe Chat, the players can freely type words and other phrases into the chat box to one another, but of course, the chats are ran through a safety filter beforehand. The Safe Chat requires verified parental consent before the player can use it, mostly because the player can type whatever words and phrases they want to into the game, even though it does go through filters, sometimes things can get around the filters, and this is why parental consent is required. All of the in-game chat is filtered and moderated, but it is important to note that some players can still find certain words or phrases offensive, so parents need to make sure that is okay before they give the consent through the parental dashboard.

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