What Jammer Central Offers

If you are playing Animal Jam, then you have probably heard the name Jammer Central quite a few times. It is important that you know what Jammer Central is because this is often a central location in the game, and it is somewhere that you will need to go to often for events and news.

jammer central

Jammer Central is located in Jamaa Township, and it is basically the bulletin board area where the new and exciting features are shown. You will see upcoming events on the activities calendar, and this is where you will find out the cool things that are happening on Jamaa. It will also show you what events and cool things will be coming to the game soon.

There is also a gallery that features artwork from other Jammers, and it is updated often with new artwork based on certain themes of the week. You also can see messages sent by fellow Jammers in the Howls area. You can read what other Jammers are talking about and then submit your own Howl by clicking the button if you want to reply to what people are talking about.

There is also a featured video section which is where the cool and interesting videos end up that cannot be found anywhere else on Jamaa. If you are looking for a video about a specific event or animal, then Jammer Central is the only place you will find it.

Jammer Central is constantly being updated so you want to keep checking in with this because you will see new videos, artwork, Howls, and much more located right here in the heart of Jamaa Township. You can think of it as like the main page of a website or the bulletin board you might see in your town that shows you what is coming up or if there are any cool events happening. It is the place to go for news and information about Animal Jam and a way to connect to other Jammers.

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