What Jammers Must Agree To Before Playing

While we have discussed some of the rules on Animal Jam before, there are a few rules and regulations on Animal Jam that specifically pertain to the players. When you sign up for an Animal Jam account, there are a few things that you agree to doing and not doing while on the site. Chances are, you probably have not checked out what you agreed to when you signed up, so we need to go through them now so you understand the basics.

You must agree to be nice and be a good citizen, which means never post obscene or mean things to other players or staff. This includes swearing or cussing, which some find offensive, and you cannot post anything racist, sexist, or things that could be considered bullying or abusive. You cannot post lies about other people, or post anything encouraging illegal activities. If WildWorks decides that you are breaking the rules with your username, such as it being offensive or inappropriate, you could be removed from the game all together.

You agree to not damage the website, which means you cannot try to link anyone to a website or URL that could be dangerous or contain a virus or malware. You also cannot copy any part of the website or try to copy or harm the source codes in any way. This means that you cannot try to manipulate the website or use any of the source code for any reason. If you do this, then you likely will be banned from the website, and could even be charged with a crime. .

You also cannot post any type of business-related URLs on Animal Jam, and you cannot use the site for any business purposes. This includes giving out a link for people to click on to buy your products or the products of your parents, and you cannot put a link out there for people to donate money. You cannot try to sell products or any services through the website, even if it is by giving out a link or way to access the products. Doing this will get you blocked and likely banned from Animal Jam as you cannot try to use the site for commercial reasons.

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