What My Settings Shows You

If you are new to Animal Jam, you might want to check out the My Settings area of your account, which is where you can customize your experience. You can get to My Settings by clicking on the gear icon, which is in the upper right hand corner of the game window in Animal Jam.

Membership- This shows you your membership status, including active or inactive, and when the membership began.

Den– If you click on this then you will be able to either lock or unlock your den.

World- You will be able to click here to choose which world you would like to go into when you visit Animal Jam.

Doorbell– If you click the doorbell, then you will be able to hear it when another player is entering your den. You will be able to hear the doorbell regardless of whether or not you are in your den at the time.

Sound– You can turn the sound on or off by clicking the icon.

Cursor- If you check out this icon, you can change what your mouse cursor will look like in the game when you play Animal Jam.

Buddy Requests– Clicking buddy requests on means that other Jammers can request to become friends with you. You can choose whether or not to accept the friend request every time you get a buddy request, which is cool because it gives you the option of denying people who you don’t want to be friends with.

Game Invites- If the game invites are on, then you will be able to invite other Jammers to play the games with you and they can invite you to play games with them. If you turn this off, you will not get invites from other players, but you also will not be able to send out game invites either.

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