When Does Play Wild Come Out on Android?

Play Wild recently came out for all iOS devices which means iPhone and iPod touch users can now play the game.  Before it was just for iOS iPad users.  But that still leaves the question, when will Animal Jam Play Wild come out for Android?!

Rumors about an Animal Jam app have been circulating for a long time but it wasn’t until early 2015 that we received confirmation that one was in the works.  The Play Wild beta was released over the summer for Android users to test.


That’s right, they beta tested the game on Android and then released it on iOS first!  Weird right?  Play Wild for iOS came out in the fall but like I mentioned, it was only for iPad users at first.  Well now it’s available on all iOS devices but still no Android.

My guess is that they’re still working out some bugs in the Android version of Play Wild, but hopefully they will be done soon!  Android users are getting restless and as of right now, a release date hasn’t been announced.  There are going to be lots of Animal Jam players wanting to play over winter break so you’d think they would release it by then!

Not to mention that there are a lot more Android phones and tablets out there so there will be even more players on Android than iOS.  It will be so awesome when everyone can finally enjoy Animal Jam on the go no matter what device they have.

For now, us Android players will have to just keep waiting for the release of Play Wild.  Rest assured I’ll be checking every day for updates on the release date of Animal Jam Play Wild on Android!  I’ll make a post whenever the Android release date is finally announced so stay tuned!

  1. There’s AJ Play Wild on Andriod now! 🙂

  2. Every time I try to download animal jam AJ JUMP AND SOME RANDOM OTHER GAMES ALWAYS COME UP!!!!!!!!

  3. i wish i get the 3 month membership please i need membership im a nm

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