When Pigs Fly Bundle in Animal Jam

Every month, AJHQ rewards new Animal Jam Members with a bundle of goodies. For the month of April, all new Members, as well as current Members that extend their Membership, receive the When Pigs Fly Bundle. As the name already suggests, this bundle is pig-themed. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the When Pigs Fly Bundle, and check out the contents of it.

When Pigs Fly Bundle – What’s Inside

As with all bundles, the When Pigs Fly Bundle contains an animal and a pet. The animal is the majestic Owl, and the pet is the Pet Flying Pig. Besides the Owl and Pet Flying Pig, you will also get an entire Flying Pig Outfit, which consists of five outfit pieces.

The bundle also contains the largest den in Jamaa, the Sky Kingdom. You will feel like you are the king or queen of the castle in this den! Lastly, you will also receive a dozen of den items. Let’s take a closer look at some of the items that you will get.

Pet Flying Pig

Besides the Owl, you will also receive a Pet Flying Pig. This pet was specially released for the When Pigs Fly Bundle, and can either be obtained by purchasing the bundle, or by purchasing the pet at the Diamond Shop.

As you can see in the picture above, the Pet Flying Pig looks like pig with very short legs. Its eyes seem to be closed, and its ears pointing down. It has wings on its back.

Flying Pig Outfit

There is also an entire outfit in the When Pigs Fly Bundle. The outfit consists of the Flying Pig Hat, Flying Pig Collar, Flying Pig Balloon, Flying Pig Shoes and Flying Pig Tail. The outfit pieces match each other, and will make any animal look like a pig. You can see what each piece looks like in the pictures below.

When Pigs Fly Den Items

There are a total of twelve den items in this bundle. All of the items are pig-themed. The items range from a Flying Pig Lamp to a Flying Pig Fountain. In the pictures below, you can see what some of the den items look like, and what you can expect.

How to Get the When Pigs Fly AJ Bundle

In order to receive the complete When Pigs Fly Bundle, all you have to do is purchase an Animal Jam Membership during the month of April, 2019. You will receive the bundle regardless of the duration of the Membership purchased. This method is the easiest, and you will receive each of the items in the bundle, as well as some currency bonuses for purchasing a Membership. If you are already a Member, a Membership extension will also reward you with the bundle.


If you don’t want to purchase a Membership, you can also try to trade for the items with other Jammers. This method is quite difficult, and will probably take a while for you to be able to get all the items in the bundle. You will also not be able to get the Owl, as animals can’t be traded in Animal Jam.

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