Where Is Your Password or Activation Email?

Hi Jammers! While you might be trying to login to Animal Jam or setup your account, you might notice that the activation email has not been received by you just yet. There are a number of reasons why your password email or activation email might not have been sent out, so check out these tips to help you figure it out.

parent dash animal jam

You first want to make sure you check your spam folder or junk mail folder because the activation or password reset emails could be going to those folders. Sometimes it might end up taking a few minutes for the email to show up in the folder, so just keep checking your spam and you likely will see the email coming through there.

When you first do the registration, you will have to provide a parent email address, so make sure that the parent email address is right since this could cause problems with the email coming to you or your parent account.

Sometimes AOL, which isn’t used much anymore, is not well received with a lot of games and other services. You might want to go in and change your email address to something more current such as a Gmail account or Yahoo email account, which can ensure that the emails are properly sent out.

If you are still not seeing the email coming from Animal Jam, use the “Contact Us” form and it will get straightened out. You want to give Animal Jam your account user name for the player, the parent email used during registration, a correct email address, and any transaction ID if you purchased an Animal Jam membership.

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