Where to Get Animal Jam Gift Cards

Hi Jammers! If you are looking for an Animal Jam gift card or you want one for your birthday, but you aren’t sure where to get them, we will tell you right now where to find them. A lot of places have Animal Jam gift cards, both online and in the physical store. You will also be happy to know that Animal Jam gift cards come in a lot of different amounts, which means you can get a $15 gift card or something even more if it is a special occasion.


You can find Animal Jam gift cards online at locations such as Walmart, PayPal, and PayPal’s eBay shop. When you purchase the Animal Jam gift card online, you will be sent a gift card through the email account that was registered when you made the online purchase. More often than not, it takes about 5 minutes to get the gift card in your email, although sometimes it could take up to 24 hours if you are using Walmart online.

For physical retailer’s, you can get the Animal Jam gift cards at Target, Walmart, Kroger, and Toys R US. You also can find the gift cards at GameStop, CVS Pharmacy, Safeway, Rite Aide, and Giant Eagle. There are likely other retail stores that have Animal Jam gift cards too, but these are the retail stores where you will be almost guaranteed to find an Animal Jam gift card, and most of these stores have locations across the United States. You can also go online to the retailer’s website if you would like to get the gift card through there if they are sold out when you go into the physical store. Most of the gift cards are put into a certain location at the store, so if you do not see it, just ask the staff and they will show you where the gift card aisle is located.

  1. I really have always wanted to have a aj member ship I really want one so I can get some cool animals do please give me one and I really want saphiers and btw my username is Rainme1

  2. No AJPW gift cards? I see how it is.

  3. I can’t nhd is so bad

  4. I can’t find them no where

  5. I can’t find them in New Zealand the website tells me what’s stores but they no longer seek them

  6. They no longer sell these in Scotland but I can still find them in England [In Some Places]
    I am not happy about this because I do not want to travel nearly 9 hours to London every time my membership runs out just to get another card
    Can you possibly bring them back to Scotland????

  7. Im rlly annoyed becuz when i searched up aj gift cards it said could not be found and there are no target or walmart ect stores in the uk ANIMAL JAM PLEASE SELL GIFT CARDS at tesco, sainsbury, morrisons club penguin do why not aj i rlly want gift card for my bday on september 1st
    If u know anywhere in the uk they sell gift cards plz tell my tyoo37

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