Why Animal Jam Is Not Mobile Friendly

You might be sitting there playing Animal Jam and wondering about whether or not you can play on mobile. The answer to this is no you cannot play this game on mobile devices, and the reason for that is because of Adobe Flash. Animal Jam uses a fully-implemented version of Adobe Flash player, and you also need a mouse to run the game properly. Here will get into some detail about why Flash does not work, and what types of devices cannot run the Animal Jam game.

When it comes to mobile devices, you cannot play Animal Jam, unless it is specifically the mobile Play Wild game, even though some devices do say Flash Player is installed on the device. The issue is that some devices, like tablets, have a limited or partial version of Flash Player, and not the full version which is needed to run Animal Jam. Some devices might be able to load up Animal Jam, and you could login to do a few things, such as play videos, but a majority of the game will not load correctly on the mobile devices.

When we talk about mobile we are talking about phones, tablets, and iPod Touch devices. Microsoft Surface does have Adobe Flash capabilities but the issue with that is you still need the mouse in order to properly play the game. Since now even computers are blocking Flash Player, it is unknown when or if Adobe will come to mobile, but it probably will never happen because the developers do not like Adobe Flash because of security vulnerability issues.

  1. It works fine on Puffin browser. In fact, there is a mouse and a small keypad. It’s awesome. It can be very laggy tho on slow wifis. Im on vacation rn, so aj is very laggy. You should do a poat about Puffin browser. It has no viruses. It juat needs alot of space.

  2. I can play animal jam I got puffin on my phone and I can yay!

  3. I can play aj on my phone using puffin

  4. It works on puffin browser on the iPads. I do it at school all the time

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