Winner of the December/January Membership Giveaway Chosen!

Hey everyone!

I decided to keep the December membership giveaway open another month after I realized some Jammers were on vacation and gone over the holidays.  Well today I selected a winner of the contest!


Be sure to check your emails to see if you were chosen.  The winner will have received an email from me.  All you need to do is reply so I know you’re a real person and then I’ll send you your membership code!

Thanks everyone who entered and be sure to look out for the next Animal Jam membership giveaway which is coming very soon.  I’ll announce the winner of last month’s giveaway as soon as I hear back from them.


  1. may i have a membership code pls

  2. I really want a 12-month membership plz my buddies are all members.

  3. I always wanted a membership and I was going to ask how to win one plz plz plz tell me I waited 4 years for membership and had none and all of my friends are members so if u plz tell me hoe u win one cuz I rlly want one

  4. please i have never had a membership 12 months if possible

  5. is this true that we can get membership codes.

  6. I really wish to have membership because my other membership account got hacked and i lost my red rare fox hat a black long spike collar and a black spike wristband too. I would be very happy if i got chosen. But my parents dont let me buy it. and this is my dads email. Thank you for your help.

    From: oksana

  7. i want a 12 mouth membership plz

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