Winter Is Coming

Hey again guys! Thanksgiving is going to be over soon, which means Autumn is drawing to a close. Animal Jam sure has made sure that it is well stocked on Winter Items for part 2 of the Holiday Season: Jamaaliday Time!

Ice Garden

First off, the Ice Garden is back. It can be found at Epic Wonders for a whopping price of 3,500 gems. If you are looking for something to complete your Winter themed den, well this is it! I recommend buying it only if you have more than enough gems to spare. This type of garden is usually only used once or twice a year.

Furry Hat

The second item is the Furry Hat! This ever popular hat is back and can be found in the Cocoa Hut on Mt. Shiveer. You can change it’s colors and it looks great on your animal too! A price of 350 sounds much fairer than 3,500, doesn’t it? Get yours in your favorite colors today!

Lastly, just a heads up: DAILY JAMAALIDAY GIFTS ARE COMING!!!


As soon as the clock strikes December, it is time to get GIFTS! Animal Jam will be giving out gifts EVERY SINGLE DAY! Until the end of the month! Prizes and gifts include: never released items, gems, and even DIAMONDS!

This is all for now, more updates are sure to head our way. See you very soon!!! Comment below your thoughts of gifts and items! I would love to hear from you all!


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