What is Wolfenoot – New Animal Jam Holiday!

Animal Jam and Play Wild have millions of players, many of which are active and enjoy playing the game. Most of the players are young kids, who like animals and have amazing imaginations!

They create stories for the animals they have, for the pets they adopt, for the dens they create and more. Sometimes, these stories get picked up by AJHQ, and they decide to share it with all the other Jammers. Today, we are going to take a look at a new AJ holiday called Wolfenoot!

What is Wolfenoot?

Wolfenoot is a player-created holiday in Animal Jam. A 7 year old Jammer from New Zealand had an idea to celebrate all dogs, and be kind to them. It is celebrated on November 23rd, on the anniversary of the death of the “Great Wolf”. It is not explained what the exactly means, but I am certain that the backstory will be expanded once the Jammer is ready to share it.

On the 23rd of November, the spirit of the Great Wolf goes around the house and hides small gifts for everyone to find. It is said that, if you are kind to dogs, the gifts that you get are better than the gifts that others receive.

To celebrate, you eat a nice plate of roast meat, because wolves eat meat as well. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can of course change the meal that you eat. The celebration is not about eating meat, but more about being kind to dogs, and animals in general. As a dessert, you eat a cake that is decorated as a full moon, because wolves howl louder during a full moon!

Wolfenoot Holiday in Animal Jam

AJHQ picked up on the story of the young Jammer that decided to celebrate dogs. After reading about it, they decided to officially implement Wolfenoot into Animal Jam. In the picture below, you can see what AJHQ wrote about Wolfenoot in the Jamaa Journal.

In order to celebrate Wolfenoot, AJHQ decided to put all Wolves, Arctic Wolves, Direwolves and Pet Direwolves on sale. You can now purchase them at a discount! They have also added a very special den item into the game; the Wolfenoot Full Moon Cake.

Wolfenoot Full Moon Cake

The Wolfenoot Full Moon Cake was first released into the game on November 21, 2018. It can be purchased at Jam Mart Furniture for 1,000 Gems. It is currently on clearance, and will leave the stores on December 7, 2018. This means that you only have a short amount of time left to purchase the Wolfenoot Full Moon Cake. It is definitely a must-have to celebrate Wolfenoot!

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