Play Wild Wooden Toy Box

If you are looking for interesting den items in Play Wild, you can’t go wrong with the Wooden Toy Box. This item was first released into the game during the Beta Testing phase, and was sold at Jam Mart Furniture for 300 Gems at the time. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Wooden Toy Box, and tell you how you can obtain one for yourself.

Wooden Toy Box Appearance in AJPW

The Wooden Toy Box looks quite similar to a log that is standing on four legs. On the top of the log, there is a small sprout with two leaves. In the middle, there is a line that indicates how the box is supposed to opened. In total, there are five different variants available of this item.

How to Get a Wooden Toy Box in Play Wild

There are currently two ways for you to obtain the Toy Wooden Box. First of all, the item is part of the prize pool for the Touch Pool Minigame. Secondly, you can trade for the item. Let’s see how you can obtain a Wooden Toy Box for yourself.

Touch Pool Minigame

One of the methods to obtain a Wooden Toy Box is by playing the Touch Pool Minigame. The Minigame is located in Crystal Sands, within Tierney’s Aquarium. The goal of this Minigame is to hold your finger on the animal on your screen and make sure to follow it. After the timer runs out, you receive rewards in the form of Gems and Den Items. The Wooden Toy Box is part of the prize pool for the Touch Pool Minigame.

Trading Worth & Value

There are Jammers that do not like to play Minigames. Sometimes, it can be quite tedious to play Minigames to obtain a specific rewards, especially when the prize pool is large. If you are one of those Jammers, you can also try to trade for the Wooden Toy Box. Simply go to some of the crowded locations within the game, such as the Sapphire Shop, and ask around if anyone has a Wooden Toy Box that they are willing to trade with you.

Wooden Toy Box Codes for Play Wild

Currently, there are no working codes for the Toy Wooden Box, and there probably never will be. The item can still be obtained by playing the Touch Pool Minigame, and can also be traded for. If you want to own a Wooden Toy Box for yourself, you can use the methods mentioned above to obtain one.

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