Animal Jam World Map Guide

Animal Jam is based in a world called Jamaa.  The map consists of 7 land areas and 4 ocean areas that you are free to explore.  You play the game as an animal character that you create and customize to make your own.

The map of Jamaa has everything from desert savannah to snowy mountains.  Explore the entire map to collect items for your Journey Book.  To find out where all of the Journey Book items are located, click here.

Each of the land areas are connected so you can walk to each one by following different paths.  To save time, you can teleport to different areas by clicking on the globe in the lower right hand corner of your screen.  This also works for the ocean areas.

For codes, cheats, and secrets for how to advance in Animal Jam, check out this page.

The Journey Book is just the beginning to what you can do in Jamaa.  You can also play games, watch movies, solve mysteries, chat with friends, and even go to parties!

Below you will find guides for each of the land and ocean areas in Jamaa.


  1. I WANNA GO BACK TO THE BETA DAYS SO BAD! I LOVE THE BETA DAYS i wish i got the headdress and black long color gift me it!

  2. Does anyone know where the bird paradise is?

    • Yeah, really. Where is it? I have looked EVERYWHERE.

      • It’s the Paradise Party. It’s not on the world map, it’s on the party list.

        • I looked in the list. I didn’t see it. I’m playing in 2017

          • you have to wait for it to come up, like any other party.

    • at the part

    • The bird of paradise is a party. It only comes sometimes.You’ll have to be on at the right time to get the prize. The prize is pretty awesome. 😀

  3. Yeah, I know a secret place! see that dark area of trees below Appondale? Click around the center of it and it will bring you to a secret cave!

  4. Where is the Conservation museum? I can not find it. If anyone knows where it is can you you tell me.


  5. Where is Kimbara Outback?? 🙂
    Im guessing it was not created yet when this page was created. AJHQ should totally make a new land!!

    • I’m guessing you’re new, Kimbara Outback has been up for years, its not on the map because its just a pathway, its a path to coral canyons, I know this because I’ve been playing since 2011.

    • totes! They SHOULD make new lands, totally different scenery? Awesome Idea. We should get together sometime. =o]

  6. Add me my username is Clawdeenwolf133 thx i will always accept

  7. By the way, my AJ use is Wolflover83741 of course 😀

  8. Hi, this really helped me because I needed the name of the snowy part which I now know is Mt. Shiveer, I haven’t played for a REALLY long time, so I forgot. Anyway, I’m planning on making a roleplaying video, since that’s what I do, although it’s gonna take awhile cuz I dont have a computer ):( but, anyway its gonna be called:
    ANIMAL JAM~ Warrior Cats Roleplay?
    My YouTube channel is Yellow Peeps if you want to see my other videos 🙂

  9. whats the birds of paradise thing in the journey book?

  10. how do you get the get in you’re den in the epic plz replay

  11. cheat brow

  12. I want free chat how do u do it I have been on this since I have been 4 and now I am 10

  13. i a going to make a nother acount ov fman122

  14. its in the birds of paradise party

  15. what place can we found bird of paradise?

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