Worn Spiked Collar

Collars and Necklaces are among the most used items in Animal Jam. They often have a few rare ones among them as well. The Worn Spiked Collar is no exception to that. Wearing this Collar will make you look tough, and they will attract a lot of attention to your animal.

The Worn Spiked Collar was released on June 22, 2017. It was sold at the Diamond Shop. You can find the Diamond Shop at the Jamaa Township. Unfortunately, the Worn Spiked Collar was part of the Wild Weekend Spike Sale, which only lasted for four days. This means that you will no longer be able to purchase one. The item was sold for 3 Diamonds.

In the picture above, you can see what the Worn Spiked Collar looks like. It consists of a thick collar, and has a few tears and cracks in it. Around the collar, you will find large spikes. Some of these spikes are either damaged, or completely fallen out of the collar itself.

The collar is split into two halves, each half having a single color. The Worn Spiked Collar comes in a total of eight different color combinations, which you will see more of below.

Worn Spiked Collar Color Variants

The collar does not have a rare variant. It was never released as a Rare Item Monday, or on any special days in Animal Jam. However, it is based on the Rare Spiked Collar, and does look quite similar to it.

The Worn Spiked Collar is a non-member item, which means that Jammers could have easily obtained it, even if they didn’t have an active membership. In the pictures below, you are able to see all the different color combinations for the collars.

Blue and Orange with Cream Spikes

Black and Red with Grey Spikes

Brown and Blue with Black Spikes

Purple and Lavender with Cream Spikes

Dark-green and Light-green with Cream Spikes

Green and Brown with Cream Spikes

Red and Pink with White Spikes

White and Purple with Cream Spikes

How to Get Worn Spiked Collars

The Worn Spikes Collar is actually quite rare, especially since it was only available for a very short period of time. If you weren’t playing Animal Jam during the Wild Weekend Spike Sale, you had no way of actually purchasing it. That sale was back in 2017, and has concluded long ago. Let’s take a look if there are any ways of obtaining the collar if you missed the sale.


Trading is really the only way to still get your hands on the Worn Spiked Collar. There are a decent amount of these collars around in Jamaa, especially because they were quite popular when they were released. If you ask around, I am sure there are Jammers that are willing to trade you for a collar. Since the item is quite rare, you will have to offer something valuable in return. Animaljamworld has a handy guide on how to safely trade in Animal Jam.

Adventure Prizes

There are currently no known adventures that allow you to win the collar as a prize. I have looked around if there were any secret prizes, but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any. It seems like the only way to obtain the collar is by trading for it with other Jammers.

Worn Spiked Collar Codes

As mentioned above, I have done some research to see if it was possible to still get the Worn Spiked Collar. However, there are no codes for this item. If you are looking for the collar, just leave a comment down below. There might be some Jammers around that are looking to trade you for it.

  1. My user is rosewolf16 and i’ve been looking for one for awhile! Please lmk if you got one!

  2. I am zelda12582 an I have a worn spike collar and wristband.

  3. i’m vickyfalls11. please give me one. i have been trying to get one then when i got one on my MEMBER ACCOUNT i got hacked and that was on the day of my cousins wedding! ):

  4. i would like to trade for one.
    Username- Doggchild
    Backup Account username- Doasigj
    Jam-a-Gram me if you want to trade if im not online 🙂 thxx

  5. Hello..
    I think AJHQ should have another spike day
    Pls tell me if u do and when it is
    Also pls trade me one of these its my dream item ever since spike day!!

  6. I really want a worn spiked collar i am kittenlover11236
    please trade me one

  7. I would like a worn spiked collar. I’m petpaw45. I only play on fridays and weekends.

  8. I want a spike . My names rosestar118

  9. Iḿ PixalReaper and ive been trying to get a spike for… well… ever since i joined.

  10. I’m Spoonish12, and would love a worn spike! Thanks!

  11. i need one im ErrorSans2007

  12. me too plzzz i am channing54 and i really want one my dream items are a rare mouse and a worn spike. thx really u can make my dream come true!

  13. i am lion403

  14. I want to trade for it please. I am bluebunnys10.

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