Birds of Paradise Jouney Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Here is a guide on how to find all of the birds for the Bird of Paradise Journey Book.  Some of the birds take a few seconds to appear.


Blue Bird: The blue bird of paradise can be found on top of the cart with the white flowers.


Greater: The greater bird of paradise can be found in a tree on the lower right side of the area.


King: The king bird is located to the left of the Paradise shop.


King of Saxony: The king of saxony bird is found in a tree to the right of the footbridge.


Lesser: The lesser bird is found at the bottom of the area near the center.


Magnificent Riflebird: The magnificent riflebird is found in the same group of trees as the king of saxony.


Paradise Riflebird: The paradise riflebird is found in a tree to the left of the well.


Red Bird: The red bird of paradise can be found in the lower left side of the area.


Twelve-Wired: The twelve-wired bird is found to the right of the well.


Victoria’s Riflebird: Victoria’s Riflebird is located in the tree to the right of Wilson’s bird.


Western Parotia: The western parotia is found near the top left side of the lily pad lake.


Wilson’s Bird: Wilson’s bird of paradise is found in a tree at the bottom of the lily pad lake.


After you find all of the birds of paradise, you unlock a Paradise Throne for your den.


  1. Hi, i feel really dumb, but how do you get onto the bird of paradise page, is it in jammaa?? thanks

    • It’s at the party that’s called Birds Of Paradise. I found that out this morning. And don’t feel dumb because now you know!

  2. The lesser bird is below the lily pond and the wilson’s bird-of-paradise tree.

  3. please could someone tell me, do you find the birds of paradise in Jamaa township? I can’t find them anywhere!
    Please help I just started playing and this website is all I depend on in finding the animals…

  4. I’m having trouble finding the magnificent riflebird, can anyone help me?)

  5. I cannot seem to be able to find the Greater. Can anyone please help?! it is my last bird/animal before I finish the entire book. I checked everywhere! Please help!…and add me if wanted: Hungrygoatian

    • Hi Hungrygoatian,

      I had a hard time finding the Greater bird too. It is actually not in the same area of trees as the lesser; go as far to the right as you can on the section where the Lesser bird is; then go around the tree where the Magnificent Riflebird is and find the pond with the yellow dandelions around it. There are some rocks above and to the right of the pond. The Greater bird can be found in the tree right above these rocks.

      Good luck, and add me if you want to: iciclediamond

  6. I really like you AnimalJamWorld.Com! Omg! I LOVE U! I love this cheat

  7. i have guestion how do you become a bird on this game

    • You need to be a member, and need to buy either an owl, falcon, or eagle.

  8. “The lesser bird is found at the bottom of the area near the center.” Yeah, real specific

  9. I’m trying to find the greater anyone have any helpful ideas?

  10. oh wow found it, You rock! Now I have full journey book! 😀 Before I thought this was a trick, but it wasn’t. Thanks so much!!

  11. I am looking for lesser. Anyone know where is is?

  12. Um im looking for the lesser bird “Bottom near the center” WHERES THE CENTER?!

  13. They need to add when you get every single thing in the journey book a prize or something

  14. This one is the hardest the names are the most confusing and cray cray from the reg ones and they should make it better or do another one of these in a different or new party ??????


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