Birds of Paradise Jouney Book Cheats – Animal Jam

Here is a guide on how to find all of the birds for the Bird of Paradise Journey Book.  Some of the birds take a few seconds to appear.


Blue Bird: The blue bird of paradise can be found on top of the cart with the white flowers.


Greater: The greater bird of paradise can be found in a tree on the lower right side of the area.


King: The king bird is located to the left of the Paradise shop.


King of Saxony: The king of saxony bird is found in a tree to the right of the footbridge.


Lesser: The lesser bird is found at the bottom of the area near the center.


Magnificent Riflebird: The magnificent riflebird is found in the same group of trees as the king of saxony.


Paradise Riflebird: The paradise riflebird is found in a tree to the left of the well.


Red Bird: The red bird of paradise can be found in the lower left side of the area.


Twelve-Wired: The twelve-wired bird is found to the right of the well.


Victoria’s Riflebird: Victoria’s Riflebird is located in the tree to the right of Wilson’s bird.


Western Parotia: The western parotia is found near the top left side of the lily pad lake.


Wilson’s Bird: Wilson’s bird of paradise is found in a tree at the bottom of the lily pad lake.


After you find all of the birds of paradise, you unlock a Paradise Throne for your den.


  1. Hi i have a question about the birds of paradise journey um where is the place where you find them all?

    • The birds of paradise journey book is found in Jamaa Township, hope this helps!

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        so how do u find all of these??

    • You find them in the paradise party the party hat symbol on the top of your page

    • At the birds of paradise party, OF COURSE

    • you find them at the paradise party.

    • At the paridise party of course

    • it says so dummy can you read

    • the paradise party. trust me i had to find out my self but it takes a while for u to even find one bird.

    • It is a party you have attend it

    • sometimes there will be a paradise party, and you find the birds around the party site

    • In the Paradise Party

    • The king bird of paradise is more toward infront of the bridge but he store

    • Ummm, you can find all the bids in the party. It took me forever to get it too.

      • Same, espicially the Magnificent Riflebird. I just found it today, XD

    • if you click were you go to parties theres a birds of paridise party and when you can go to it click the button “Go Now” and that’s were you will find the birds

      () ()

      | |
      \ /

    • it on a party! pareadise party!

    • You have to go to Jamaa Township and click on he party thing after that go on “Paradise Party” thats where you find it :)

    • you find them in the paradise party – friend me at snowwhitesrose

    • Paradise Party

    • its a party called paradise birds and u find them there gdogg

  2. That was good. I had a hard time finding the birds

  3. To get to birds of paradise island for me i had to wait until the paradise party opened up (paties symbol is to the right of the journey book)i think you will be able to enter the birds of paradise place every 2 hours and 30 minutes 😀 hope this helped

  4. I collected every bird there and guess…..……… I got the throne I became a animal collector

  5. ps. I am a collector

  6. I need to get one more bird then I get prize
    Bc I colleted all for everything else

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  10. Thx this REALLY helped A LOT!!!! I could barely find ANY of the birds. Thx again!!!!

    • Great!! I’m glad it helped you, thanks for visiting!

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  12. Hi…..thx that really helped, i only have one animal left and then i will be having the paradise throne……yay!!!!!! that is awesome ……and i really love your website, it gives alot of info about Aj like codes, journey book animals, news, tips etc……you are awesome…..friend me on Aj….i’m Madiha233…..madiha is my real name though……..ok bye…..:D

  13. it took me alot to find the birds but it was fun this really help


  14. I can’t find the Paradise Riflebird. It never comes out!!

    • ikr just wait

    • I AM WAITING FOR THE STUPID BIRD TO COME OUT!! i wonder if you have to wait 7 hours for the shy thing… it’s shy… right?!?! it seems like it to me. :( COME OUT YOU BIRD!!

  15. I cant find like 3 of those birds. I wont know what they are, either because on your journey book it leaves a show of the birds, not the actual thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  22. yes i found all!!!!!!!!!!!

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  25. All I need is the birds of paradise and then I’ve finished the whole journey book!

  26. Need help with greater bird paradise

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  30. And where exactly are they?

  31. thanks really helped me

  32. ? where are all the birds

    • They’re hiding in various places.

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  33. my username on aj is 3cats (duh) and i got everything on the journey book exept for the qcean 1s

  34. Hi, I cant find the lesser bird, I have tried looking for it but I just don’t get where it is. Can someone please tell me where it might be??
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  36. never-mind guys, I have finally found it…!! 😀

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  48. THX!!!!! This site was so helpful . I just finished completing my entire journey book! :) :) :) :)

  49. the birds are found in birds of paradise party

  50. I’m not sure where the bottom of the lily pad lake is becuase when I go, i cannot find the bird. If it doesn’t make sense, please contact me via. email so I can make more sense. I’m on a bird hunt. Thank you.

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  53. This one is the hardest the names are the most confusing and cray cray from the reg ones and they should make it better or do another one of these in a different or new party ??????

  54. They need to add when you get every single thing in the journey book a prize or something

  55. Um im looking for the lesser bird “Bottom near the center” WHERES THE CENTER?!

  56. I am looking for lesser. Anyone know where is is?

  57. oh wow found it, You rock! Now I have full journey book! 😀 Before I thought this was a trick, but it wasn’t. Thanks so much!!

  58. I’m trying to find the greater anyone have any helpful ideas?

  59. “The lesser bird is found at the bottom of the area near the center.” Yeah, real specific

  60. i have guestion how do you become a bird on this game

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