Tunnel Town Bunny Mating Guide

How to Breed Bunnies

To mate bunnies in Tunnel Town, you have to put two of them on the dance floor.  Both bunnies must be a level 4 or higher.  If you need tips on how to level-up your bunnies faster, check out this guide.  Once you choose the two bunnies you want to mate, it will show the possible outcomes of what bunnies will hatch.


Below you’ll find a guide for how to breed the different kinds of bunnies in Tunnel Town.  If you want to speed up the mating process, take a look at our Cheats for Tunnel Town. If you find any new mating combinations that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to comment and I’ll add it to the list!

Each type of bunny will hatch a different type of bunny when mated with another.  You’ll be able to see what the possible rabbits will be after you put both bunnies on the dance floor.  If you change the song, it will change the types and colors of baby bunnies.  In order to make some types of bunnies, one of the parents has to be on a certain side of the dance floor.  These are marked with (left) or (right) in the mating guide below.

*New* Cupid & Chinese Dragon Bunnies


Cupid bunnies have arrived just in time for Valentines Day and the Chinese Dragon bunnies are here to help ring in the Chinese New Year!  Check out the combinations below to see how to breed them yourself!  If you know any other combos, please post them in the comments!

How to Hatch a Cupid Bunny


These special Cupid bunnies are only here for a short time to celebrate Valentines Day.  Hatch them while you can!

Bunny Combinations:

Fjord + Jackalope bunny (thanks Captain Harlock)

Fjord + Cactus bunny (thanks Iris)

Sun (left) + Fjord bunny (thanks Sushidolphin)

Chinchilly + Sun bunny (thanks Cara345)

Walrus (left) + Cactus bunny (thanks Sushidolphin)

Walrus + Sun bunny (thanks MissPeachPie)

Fox (left) + Dust bunny (thanks Sushidolphin)

How to Breed a Chinese Dragon Bunny


Help celebrate the Chinese New Year with these colorful Chinese Dragon bunnies!

Bunny Combos:

Mountain + Seafoam bunny (thanks Captain Harlock)

Chinchilly + Zebra bunny (thanks Romi)

Miner 49’er (left) + Seafoam bunny (thanks Iris)

Albino + Chinchilly bunny (thanks Pikachu12321)

Chinchilly + Prairie bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Mountain + Mouse bunny (thanks Bunnyluvur7058)

Zebra + Snowflake bunny (thanks Jason)

Chinchilly + Leopard bunny (thanks Bloodyrose473)

Fox Bunnies


Fox bunnies are one of the newest bunnies to come to Tunnel Town!  These chilly little arctic bunnies will surely be a nice addition to your den during these cold winter months.

How to Mate a Fox Bunny


Thank you Tulip829 for these bunny combos!!

Bunny Combinations:

Fjord + Miner bunny

Chinchilly + Miner bunny

Chinchilly + Mountain bunny

Chinchilly + Snail bunny

Chinchilly + Goat bunny

Fjord (left) + Mouse bunny (thanks Wildwolfprincess)

Spooky Bunnies


Just in time for Halloween, here are the Spooky Bunnies!  Hatch them if you dare!

How to Hatch a Pumpkin Bunny


Bunny Combos:

Pumpkin + Pumpkin Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

How to Breed a Vampire Bunny


Bunny Combinations:

Pumpkin + Snowflake Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Pumpkin + Pumpkin Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

How to Mate a Franken Bunny


Bunny Combos:

Pumpkin + Prairie Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Pumpkin + Pumpkin Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Beetle Bunnies


Summer time means that the bugs are out in full force so it’s only appropriate that they release a Beetle Bunny in Tunnel Town!  I think these Beetle bunnies are much cuter than actual beetles, don’t you?

How to Make a Beetle Bunny


Their fame as musicians will make these Beetle Bunnies some of the most popular bunnies in your burrow!

Thanks everyone for the help with the bunny combos, keep them coming!

Bunny Combinations:

Dust (left) + Paradise Bunny (thanks Moy)

Cactus + Butterfly Bunny (thanks Chorus 2012)

Cactus + Chameleon Bunny (thanks Bunny)

Cactus + Dust Bunny (thanks Bunnyland)

Goat Bunnies


The Goat bunnies have decided to leave their mountain homes and make the beach their new home.  I don’t blame them!

How to Breed a Goat Bunny


If you know of any other Goat bunny combinations, please leave them in the comments!

Bunny Combos:

Seafoam + Mountain Bunny (thanks Lollipop)

Snail + Mountain Bunny

Snail + Miner Bunny

Snail + Shark Bunny

Turtle Bunnies


Turtle bunnies arrived shortly after the Wildflower bunnies did.  These shelled little bunnies bring their homes with them on their backs!

How to Mate a Turtle Bunny


They may seem shy hiding in their shells but these turtle bunnies are actually a lot of fun!

Bunny Combinations:

Roadrunner (left) + Snail Bunny

Cactus + Sun Bunny

Cactus (left) + Snail Bunny

Snail + Jackalope Bunny

Sun + Roadrunner Bunny

Wildflower Bunnies


It’s springtime now so it’s only appropriate to have some fresh new wildflower bunnies in Tunnel Town!  These cute and colorful little bunnies have come out of hibernation and are now available to come to your burrow.

How to Breed a Wildflower Bunny


These new wildflower bunnies will help bring some spring cheer to your burrow!

Once again, Moogie-licious has already found a TON of combinations for the new Wildflower bunny! Thanks so much!!

Bunny Combos:

Roadrunner (left) + Mouse
Roadrunner (left) + Miner
Roadrunner (left) + Mountain
Roadrunner (left) + Snail
Dust (left) + Mouse
Dust (left) + Miner
Dust (left) + Mountain
Dust (left) + Snail
Sun (left) + Mouse
Sun (left) + Miner
Sun (left) + Mountain
Sun (left) + Snail
Cactus (left) + Mouse
Cactus (left) + Miner
Cactus (left) + Mountain
Cactus (left) + Snail
Jackalope (left) + Mouse
Jackalope (left) + Miner
Jackalope (left) + Mountain
Jackalope (left) + Snail
Wildebeast + Cactus (thanks Iris)

Luck Bunnies


With St Patrick’s Day coming up, it’s only appropriate for Luck Bunnies to come to Tunnel Town!  These cute little green guys will surely bring some good luck to your burrow.  Find out how to make one for yourself below!

How to Hatch a Luck Bunny


These clumsy green bunnies will bring some spring cheer to your burrow!

HUGE thank you to Moogie-licious for finding ALL of the bunny combinations listed below!!

Bunny Combinations:

Moon & Wildebeest Bunny

Moon & Lion Bunny

Moon & Cheetah Bunny

Moon & Zebra Bunny

Moon & Prairie Bunny

Lion & Angler Bunny

Lion & Seafoam Bunny

Lion & Squid Bunny

Lion & Shark Bunny

Zebra & Angler Bunny

Zebra & Seafoam Bunny

Zebra & Squid Bunny

Zebra & Shark Bunny

Wildebeest & Angler Bunny

Wildebeest & Seafoam Bunny

Wildebeest & Squid Bunny

Wildebeest & Shark Bunny

Cheetah & Angler Bunny

Cheetah & Seafoam Bunny

Cheetah & Squid Bunny

Cheetah & Shark Bunny

Prairie & Angler Bunny

Prairie & Seafoam Bunny

Prairie & Squid Bunny

Prairie & Shark Bunny


Roadrunner Rabbit & Albino Bunnies


Another Tunnel Town update was recently announced!  Welcome the Roadrunner rabbit and Albino bunny to Tunnel Town!  The spotted and striped Roadrunner rabbit looks like a fun and fast addition to anyone’s burrow.

The other new bunny is the Albino bunny!  Apparently these are so rare that they’re not even available for sale!  Not to worry though, we know how to make them :)  There are some bunny combinations listed below for how to breed these two new bunnies.

As always, if you find ways to make these new bunnies that aren’t listed, please comment and I’ll give you credit for it!  Thanks Sierra, Kim, Pumpkin, jesica11aa, Zozobear3002, Megan, Yanagismo, Amber, Bri Bri, and Rue/Casandra for the bunny combinations!

How to Breed a Roadrunner Rabbit


The Roadrunner rabbit will bring a quirky charm to your burrow, just try not to mention their spots!

Bunny Combos:

Toucan & Sun Bunny

Dust & Paradise Bunny

Butterfly & Sun Bunny

Butterfly & Dust Bunny

Paradise & Jackalope Bunny

Cactus & Butterfly Bunny

Paradise & Sun Bunny

Paradise & Dust bunny (thanks AnimalJam1234)

How to Make an Albino Bunny


The super rare Albino bunny is so hard to find that I couldn’t even get a good picture of one yet!

Bunny Combinations:

Luck & Luck Bunny (thanks Moogie-licious)

Chinchilly & Prairie Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Chinchilly & Fjord Bunny (thanks Jason)

Chinchilly & Zebra Bunny

Snowflake & Zebra Bunny

Chinchilly & Leopard Bunny

Snowflake & Leopard Bunny

Snowflake (left) & Prairie Bunny

Fjord & Prairie Bunny

Limited Edition December Holiday Bunnies


Tunnel Town recently announced that there are three new Holiday bunnies for the month of December!  These bunnies include the Candy Stripe bunny, the Elf bunny, and Santa & Mrs Claus bunnies.  I’m so excited to add these colorful new bunnies to my den this winter!

Once again, I’m asking for all of your help with finding the combinations to make these bunnies!  I can find a few of them but it really helps when you add the ones that you find :)  As usual, I’ll add your name to the list giving you credit for the bunny combos that you find!

Thanks Bruingrad, Travis, 2bkate, Mary, Kaninchen, Moogie-licious, Violetta, Kristin and Victoria for submitting the bunny combos you’ve found!

How to Mate a Frosty Bunny


The frosty bunny is the latest winter bunny to be released in Tunnel Town.  Unlike a real snowman, the frosty bunny will not melt in your den.

Bunny Combinations:

Candy Stripe (left) & Elf Bunny

White Candy Stripe & Green Candy Stripe Bunny

Candy Stripe & Snowflake Bunny

Candy Stripe & Fjord Bunny

Candy Stripe & Candy Stripe Bunny

Thanks Jesse, Reece, Katniss, Linea, Tammy, Pumpkin, and 829ana for the combos!!

How to Make a Candy Stripe Bunny


These colorful and sweet bunnies are sure to bring holiday cheer to your den this winter.

Bunny Combos:

Moon & Frog Bunny

Seafoam & Butterfly Bunny

Paradise & Seafoam Bunny (thanks Peepme2334!)

Shark & Paradise Bunny

Shark & Chameleon Bunny

Candy Stripe & Any Bunny

How to Hatch an Elf Bunny


These hard working bunnies are excellent for helping out around your den.

Bunny Combinations:

Candy Stripe & Jackalope Bunny

Candy Stripe & Zebra Bunny

Candy Stripe & Sun Bunny

Candy Stripe & Leopard Bunny

How to Breed a Santa Bunny


The holidays wouldn’t be complete without a Mr Santa and Mrs Claus bunny.

Bunny Combos:

Candy Stripe & Chameleon Bunny

Candy Stripe & Frog Bunny

Candy Stripe & Paradise Bunny

Candy Stripe & Mouse Bunny

Candy Stripe & Elf Bunny

Santa & Any Bunny

Limited Edition Autumn Bunnies


I know I’m a few days late on this but it was recently announced that there are three new limited edition Autumn Bunnies!  According to the Tunnel Town Facebook page, these bunnies will only be around until the end of November!

For some reason, my Tunnel Town app has not been working since the update so I haven’t been able to login and get the new bunnies :(  I need your help to figure out the bunny combinations since I can’t play Tunnel Town myself!  I want to give a HUGE thank you to Ladle, Violetta, Bepo, Kate, AbiFire808, Sara, Moogie-licious, Carly, Bruin, Chris, and Tanya for helping with the combos for these new bunnies!


If you find any new combinations for these Autumn Bunnies PLEASE comment so I can add them to the list!  I can’t check the combos for myself until Tunnel Town starts working again so let me know if the lists need to be changed.

How to Make an Autumn Bunny


These fall colored bunnies will make an excellent addition to your burrow, bringing fall leaves with them everywhere the go.

Bunny Combos:

Mountain & Mouse Bunny

Mountain & Jackalope Bunny

Mountain & Snail Bunny

Mountain & Sun Bunny

Mountain (right) & Dust Bunny

Snail & Mouse Bunny

Snail & Dust Bunny

Snail & Sun Bunny

Sun (left) & Mouse Bunny

Mouse (left) & Jackalope Bunny

Autumn & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Gobbler Bunny


Although their language is hard to understand, the Gobbler bunny will eventually integrate with the rest of the bunnies in your burrow.

Bunny Combinations:

Sun & Autumn Bunny

Autumn & Autumn Bunny

Autumn & Lion Bunny

Autumn & Leopard Bunny

Prairie (left) & Autumn Bunny

Zebra & Autumn Bunny

How to Breed a Plymouth Coney Bunny


Plymouth Coney bunnies wont hesitate to give you a history lesson about their ancestors of Plymouth Rock.

Bunny Combos:

Zebra & Autumn Bunny

Prairie (left) & Autumn Bunny

Autumn & Lion Bunny

Autumn & Autumn Bunny

Gobbler & Autumn Bunny

How to Hatch a Dust Bunny


Dust bunnies are some of the first bunnies you’ll see in Tunnel Town.  They are useful for breeding all sorts of different bunnies.

Bunny Combos:

Sun & Fjord Bunny

Cactus & Fjord Bunny

Cactus & Paradise Bunny

Butterfly(left) & Sun Bunny

Dust & Any Bunny

How to Make a Prairie Bunny


The prairie bunny is a grassland bunny and is also good for breeding lots of different rabbits.

Bunny Combinations:

Prairie & Any Bunny

How to Mate a Mountain Bunny


Mountain bunnies are great for making some of the rare bunnies.  Be careful though, they are some of the roughest bunnies in the game.

Bunny Combos:

Mouse(left) & Moon Bunny

Mouse(left) & Seafoam Bunny

Mouse(left) & Cactus Bunny

Snail & Paradise Bunny

Mountain & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Chinchilly Bunny


The chinchilly bunny is an arctic bunny.  Little known fact, they are excellent DJs.

Bunny Combinations:

Chinchilly & Any Bunny

Fjord & Mountain Bunny

Fjord & Prairie Bunny

Fjord & Seafoam Bunny

Paradise(left) & Fjord Bunny

Butterfly(left) & Fjord Bunny

How to Make a Seafoam Bunny


The seafoam bunny is one of the lightest bunnies in Tunnel Town.  These colorful little bunnies are great for breeding other types of bunnies.

Bunny Combos:

Seafoam & Any Bunny

How to Breed a Bunny of Paradise


The bunny of paradise is one of the most colorful bunnies in Tunnel Town.  These are tropical bunnies that can produce other colorful bunnies.

Bunny Combinations:

Butterfly(left) & Lion Bunny

Cactus(left) & Moon Bunny

Paradise & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Sun Bunny


Sun bunnies are desert bunnies.  It is said that they may have even inspired the creation of the light bulb.

Bunny Combos:

Dust(left) & Mountain Bunny

Cactus(left) & Mouse Bunny

Cactus & Lion Bunny

Sun & Any Bunny

How to Make a Snail Bunny


Snail bunnies are mountain bunnies.  Contrary to popular belief, they do not leave a slimy trail behind them.

Bunny Combinations:

Mountain & Paradise Bunny

Mountain & Prairie Bunny

Mountain & Mouse Bunny

Snail & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Leopard Bunny


The leopard bunny is a grassland bunny that was once hunted for its fur.  Now they are safe but continue to be menaces while driving.

Bunny Combinations:

Prairie(left) & Dust Bunny

Prairie & Mountain Bunny

Leopard & Any Bunny

How to Make a Zebra Rabbit


Zebra bunnies are also from the grassland.  These bunnies are known for their messy eating habits.

Bunny Combinations:

Prairie(left) & Mountain Bunny

Lion & Mountain Bunny (thanks ATHENAPLAYS!)

Zebra & Any Bunny

What Kinds of Bunnies Make a Snowflake Bunny


Snowflake bunnies are arctic bunnies.  Despite being from the cold, they are very smart and sarcastic.
Bunny Combinations:

Chinchilly & Mouse Bunny

Fjord(left) & Seafoam Bunny

Fjord(left) & Paradise Bunny

Mountain(left) & Fjord Bunny

Snowflake & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Moon Bunny


Moon bunnies are surprisingly ocean bunnies.  It’s best to mate during the night time if you want to make a moon bunny.

Bunny Combinations:

Snowflake & Seafoam Bunny

Fjord(left) & Seafoam Bunny

Seafoam(left) & Mountain Bunny

Seafoam(left) & Cactus Bunny

Seafoam & Sun Bunny (thanks Jammer blaze)

Thanks Green Splash Bird for the following 6 combos!

Seafoam & Seafoam Bunny

Shark & Squid Bunny

Seafoam & Shark Bunny

Seafoam & Squid Bunny

Chinchilly (left) & Shark Bunny

Chinchilly (left) & Squid Bunny

Breeding a Frog Bunny


Frog bunnies are from a tropical climate.  They enjoy dancing and listening to music.

Bunny Combinations:

Seafoam(left) & Cactus Bunny

Butterfly(left) & Fjord Bunny

Lion(left) & Butterfly Bunny

Paradise(left) & Snail Bunny

Autumn(left) & Sun Bunny

Frog & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Lion Bunny


The lion bunny is another grassland bunny.  You need at least one other lion bunny to hatch one of these.

Bunny Combos:

Prairie & Mountain Bunny

Mountain & Leopard Bunny

Leopard & Snail Bunny

Lion & Any Bunny

Thanks Ana for the new combos!

How to Mate a Shark Bunny


The shark bunny is an ocean bunny.  Although they may look dangerous, they are actually very nice.

Bunny Combinations:

Prairie(right) & Seafoam Bunny

Shark & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Butterfly Bunny


Butterfly bunnies are from a tropical island.  Their island is free from any type of danger, allowing them to grow wings.

Bunny Combinations:

Paradise & Mouse Bunny

Snail(left) & Paradise Bunny

Mountain (left) & Paradise Bunny (Thanks Caliegha!)

Butterfly & Any Bunny

How to Make a Cactus Bunny

Cactus bunnies are desert bunnies.  They are some of the friendliest bunnies in Tunnel Town.

Bunny Combinations:

Dust & Sun Bunny

Dust(left) & Prairie Bunny

Cactus & Any Bunny

How to Breed a Fjord Bunny


The fjord bunny is an arctic bunny from a cold climate.  It’s amazing how they keep their mohawks looking so good.

Bunny Combinations:

Chinchilly & Mouse Bunny

Chinchilly & Dust Bunny

Sun & Chinchilly Bunny

Fjord & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Mouse Bunny


Mouse bunnies are from a mountain environment.  You’ll need two rare bunnies to make a mouse bunny.

Bunny Combinations:

Snail & Cactus Bunny

Mountain & Sun Bunny

Dust & Sun Bunny

Dust & Mountain Bunny

Mountain(left) & Fjord Bunny

Mountain (left) & Paradise Bunny (Thanks Caliegha!)

Mouse & Any Bunny

How to Make a Squid Bunny


The squid bunny is from the ocean.  You’ll need another ocean bunny to mate a squid bunny.

Bunny Combinations:

Snowflake & Seafoam Bunny

Fjord & Seafoam Bunny

Fjord & Moon Bunny

Moon & Prairie Bunny

Seafoam & Moon Bunny

Prairie(right) & Seafoam Bunny

Squid & Any Bunny

How to Mate a Jackalope Bunny


The jackalope bunny is another desert bunny.  Thought to be a legend, these bunnies are actually real.

Bunny Combinations:

Fjord & Cactus Bunny

Fjord & Sun Bunny

Sun & Chinchilly Bunny

Dust & Mountain Bunny

Mouse & Cactus Bunny

Jackalope & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Walrus Bunny


The walrus bunny is from an arctic climate.  Their thick fur and long tusks keep them safe from the cold and predators.

Bunny Combinations:

Seafoam(left) & Fjord Bunny

Fjord & Chinchilly Bunny

Moon(left) & Fjord Bunny

Walrus & Any Bunny

Breeding a Miner ’49er Bunny


Miner ’49er bunnies are the second rarest bunnies in Tunnel Town.  These are mountain bunnies so you’ll need two other mountain bunnies to make one.

Bunny Combos:

Mountain & Snail Bunny

Miner ’49er & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Chameleon Bunny


The chameleon bunny is the rarest bunny in tunneltown.  In order to make a chameleon bunny, you need two tropical bunnies that are at least a level 5.  The question is, will you be able to find the chameleon bunny once it hatches?

Bunny Combos:

Cactus & Paradise Bunny

Paradise & Butterfly Bunny

Butterfly & Dust Bunny

Butterfly(left) & Sun Bunny

Chameleon & Any Bunny

Paradise & Sun Bunny

How to Breed a Narwhal Bunny


The narwhal rabbit is one of the most recent bunnies to come to Tunnel Town. Watch out for the horn!

Bunny Combinations:

Fjord & Chinchilly Bunny

Fjord & Snowflake Bunny

Narwhal & Any Bunny

How to Make a Wildebeest Bunny


The wildebeest bunny is the newest addition to Tunnel Town. Be careful, these bunnies can have a temper.

Bunny Combos:

Zebra & Prairie Bunny

Leopard & Prairie Bunny

Zebra & Zebra Bunny

Lion & Prairie Bunny

How to Hatch an Angler Bunny


The angler bunny was recently added to Tunnel Town. Don’t touch their light or they get angry.

Bunny Combinations:

Seafoam & Squid Bunny

Squid & Shark Bunny

Seafoam & Shark Bunny

Shark & Moon Bunny

Angler & Any Bunny

Thanks Olivia, Keely, Luis, TB, Bepo, Bob, JJ, Jessie, and everyone else for helping with the bunny combinations, you guys are awesome!!

How to Breed a Toucan Bunny


Toucan bunnies are the newest bunnies to come to Tunnel Town.  These quirky, energetic rabbits are sure to bring a warm tropical feeling to your burrow.

Bunny Combos:

Butterfly & Paradise Bunny

Paradise & Frog Bunny

Paradise & Chameleon Bunny

Thanks Manda12321 and Ana for the bunny combinations!  If you know any other combos, please leave them in the comments!

  1. There is another way to make a jakalope bunny. Cacti rabbits and t think chinchillies

    • There is a toucan bunny now I think u should tell us how tell us how to breed one I REALLY want it please show us how to breed one

      • Yay thanks a lot it takes 18 hours to breed THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

        • If you use an iPhone or iPad, you can hack. Go to the general settings and then goto date and time. Take it off of auto and then voila! You have 18 hours in 5 seconds.

          • I have a tablet and it still works

          • It won’t work

          • Plzthe hack is not WORKING I use an I pad could u help me

          • You can banned forever for doing that, they only give like 3 chances

          • First do your breeding or planting or something and then double click the home button and go to settings, turn to general, click time and date, set it from auto to not auto, change it only by days not by time, time doesn’t work!!!!!! I hop this was helpful if it was plz let meh know ( btw this does work on tablets it’s what I’m doing it in now ; { )

          • Btw it gives you unlimited and it doesn’t banned you I would know I do it all day wif meh brofer haha I love spelling ph with f

          • It dosen’t work I have the iPhone6 I dosen’t work at all.

          • It works for samsung and android stuff also

      • Um just want to say CAN U TELL US HOW TO MAKE. TURTLE BUNNYS?! It’s the newest thing in tunnle town

        • It says turtul bunnys wt….

        • I’m unsure how to breed turtle bunnies too.
          It’s like, impossible. ;-;

          • I got a turtle bunny

          • I did it with a Sun bunny and a Cacti Bunny, sooooo tht might work xD.

        • It was there but i CANT FIND IT i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoyed.

      • There’s another way to breed toucans, butterfly or paradise and a grassland bunny

      • Paradise + Paradise ( different paradise bunnies )

      • Another way to make a toccan bunny is a bunny of paradise (left) and a pumpkin bunny

        • Another way to make s goat bunny is a mountain bunny ( left ) and a shark bunny👍👍

          • Paradise+paradise can get u a butterfly bunny oh and fyi, the little leaf picture on the paradise bunny is the same as the butterfly’s leaf so to leafs (paradise or other tropical bunny) can get u a butterfly works with all bunny.

        • Fjord and frog bunny can get u snowflake bunny oh btw great combos!

    • I know another breed for Toucan bunny: Paradise and Chameleon :)

      • Another breed for Chamilion: butterfly and dust 😀

        • Thanks!

          • You can breed a jackalope and a toucan for a roadrunner bunny

          • :3

          • Oh, and you can also get a wildebeest from two leopards 😀

          • i no how 2 get a diamond on aj tunnel town

          • What happens when you put a mountain bunny and a chinchilla bunny together to breed?

          • You can get the Narwhal Bunny by breeding Golber Bunny (left) and Chinnilly (I spelt that wrong) bunny!

        • I know a breed for the butterfly bunny mountain and paradise bunny

          • A cactus bunny and a prairie bunny can make a sun and a leopard bunny!

          • I dont know…., i knwo ive tried it i just forgot.
            Anyway, please tell me how to get the new angler bunny, i know its not the cutest, but it can still probly breed good bunnies. PLEASE TELL ME HOW!!!!!!

        • How can u speed up a 18 hour hatch with out using stars ?????? PLZ HElP ME!!!!!

          • Go to your time setting and speed up the time though it sometimes does not work so try again.

          • This cheat works and iOS and android. Go to settings, skip just the day not the time because you loose saved data. Then go back to tunnel town and then it works.

          • Just do the day not time

          • Omg I use the founder bunny it gives
            Me all the fav choices

          • Don’t change back though it can ban you

      • Any other combination for snowflake it’s my dream bunny :-(

    • Now there is a seasonal bunny and some thanksgiving themed ones

    • here is another way to get a frog bunny, autum bunny ( left and sun bunny

    • I know one for autumn bunny! Buy it in mc.fluffins store!

      • omg great idea :o! but wait, omg! I can’t buy it D:. what will i do now/!???!!!?!

    • Fjord and prairie make an albino

      • Thanks for the combo!

        • do you play animal jam because my username is catgirlblue

          • I’m blissheart

            PS I have every single bunny even all the seasonals except one. The albino. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO MAKE IT!!,!!

          • I’m lolanimallol and I do.play it sadly I have full list but I delete from time to time

          • Cool, and I’m aralc1000


        • What happens if you put a mountain bunny and a chinchilly together to breed?

          • You can get mountain chinchilly snowflake and fox

        • How Do You Put A Picture On Thing?

    • Are u the Allicat I know cause I’m ella and I might know u

    • Butterfly and frog = chameleon or toucan……

    • Albino and almost any bunny = Abino and I could get you a better picture!

    • Or there is the way I did it, which is a sun bunny and a chinchilly

    • true

    • Seafoam and snail makes moon bunny too

    • Zebrawood bunny and a moon bunny
      Is also for a squid bunny.

    • Another one for frog bunny: seafoam & paradise.
      But THX for the chart!

    • it is quiet easy to get the fox bunny this is how (narwhal bunny+mountain bunny)

    • yeah its right, i tried it. and i dont know if this one is there for jackalope, but i bred fjord and dust and got a jackalope

    • A way to breed a Valentin’s day bunny is a Fjord and Cactus bunny… IT REALLY WORKS!!!☺️☺️☺️

    • New way to make Chinese/ dragon bunny,
      (Left) miner 49’r and seafoam

    • How to get a wildflower bunny (new way)
      (Left) wilderbeast and cactus bunny

    • I’ve tried EVERYWAY to get an albino bunny but they don’t work. What now?!

    • Sun and walrus can get u a cupid bunny

    • Remmeber to set The time or day back

    • I have another way to make Miner 49ers. A Cupid bunny and any mountain bunny


    • Are You My Buddy On Animal Jam Because I,m Mcj6507 I’m A Member.

    • And a way to make zebra bunnies is


      I did it with my bunnies, Auroara (lion) and Sandy (leopard) and Candy (candy stripe) to make Strpe and Scatter (zebras) if anybody was wondering their names.

    • And zebra bunnies too.
      I made Stripe (my zebra bunny) with Candy (candy stripe) and Sandy (leopard)
      And Scatter (zebra as well) with Sandy (again) and Auroara (obviously lion)
      If anybody was wondering their names I wanted to put them.

  2. You never told us how to mate a snail bunny!?! Please add on. But thanks for the cheats!!!

    • Ya she/he told us how to make a snail bunny!!

    • She told us how to mate a snail bunny. Thanks to her/him i need the moon bunny the miner bunny THANKS a bunch

  3. You can also use the same combination for the Mouse bunny, which is moutain and sun bunny, to make a jackalope bunny.

  4. I have got to say, this really helped! Thanks!

  5. This was really helpful! It really helped me know what bunnies to breed! Thanks!

  6. How else can you breed bunts to get a zebra or a leopard bunny????

  7. How else can you breed bunts to get a zebra or a leopard bunny??????????????

  8. Oops I meant bunnies

  9. Oops I meant bunnies !!

  10. Yo dude! Ur website is awesome dude!

  11. SO helpful thank you soooooo much!

  12. Omg this will help a lot :)

  13. Omg this will help a lot :)
    Thanks to who ever did this I wish I knew ur name

  14. Omg this will help a lot :)
    Thanks to who ever did this I wish I knew ur name
    Huff hunch

  15. I know a lot more breedings, and you missed some.. Now i got a rare cactus bunny before reading this.. And i know a combination for the 45′ miner bunny! (or whatever its called)

  16. Good one!!! Worked for me

  17. Awesome it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the codes in aj olny work once a day DXXXXXXXXXXXXXX i hope you like everthing on aj and do you have to work hard to get free membership or (recambe awswering this) how do you get free rares i know how to get off of best dress!!!!!!! but it would be awesome if you New!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me on aj!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thanks so much i love tunnel town and animal jam. Peck i love you!!!!!

  19. XD!!!! Tunnel town rocks!

  20. OMG thx i am like level 20 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh l love this do you no how to get free rares on aj??????????????????????????

  21. OMG thx i am like level 20 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh l love this do you no how to get free rares on aj??????????????????????????

  22. THANK YOU :) you and a cool cheeat made me go till lvl 20!

  23. Oh my my my my… This has all the combos you know! You should keep up the great work and make more posts! Jeeze put a bunny and any other bunny. what if you dont have that bunny so you want to breed it?!?!? but you can’t because it says any other bunny for it. UGH I love this site so much I dont kno what id do without it

  24. Thanks! But you are missing a lot of ways…

  25. I try these they work…. Yay!

  26. Uhhh hey guys grace here or applegrace (on aj) i will be have’en a give away rare the rare is a knitted hat give away on 20th augest 2013 if you what the give away send me a jam a grame at applegrace saying give aways i will have anther give away in dcember plz plz plz buddie meh more u send more for a chance!!!!

    -bye peps!!!!!!!!!!

  27. could you put a list of ALL the goals?

  28. I got a zebra bunny (:D) from a different combo than listed above!!!!!

    • .O.

      • Anothe combo for miner 49’er is a turkey bunny and a mouse bunny I dont know but it takes a day and a few hours and you could get it it may take a few tries.

  29. Thanks!!!
    This helped so much! Whenever I’m in the dancers lounge I play this game!!! Love it! Helped so much!

  30. You forgot snail bunny!!

    • Omg whoever made this I LOVE YOU THIS
      IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!! :)

    • She/he did not for get snail people keep sayin that its not true!

    • No they put the snail bunny. You missed it

  31. this is awesome!!!! And by the way sea foam and paradise bunny can make frog bunny and a bunch of others.

  32. I thi k a lion bunny can be made also I will let your ow it twelve hours when I get my baby bunny.

  33. But when I put the two together(sea foam and parades) I ended up with a fourteen hour wait.

  34. A radish and sea foam can make a frog or shark bunny.

  35. Oops I meant paradise

  36. I got 3 bunnies just to vanquish my desperation to get a lion bunny. I got a zebra bunny, a leopard bunny, and then my lion bunny! Whoever did this, you guys are AWESOME.

  37. there is one more combanation for the moon bunny,prairie bunny and seafoam

  38. Hey, I got a lion bunny using a paradise bunny and a mountain bunny. I took a while, though.

    :) s, Emerald Bunny

  39. Does anyone here have any info on the Founder Bunny? It’s so confusing. I downloaded this game two days ago and I’m already level thirteen- I’m that addicted. But the founder bunny won’t show up in my store and no one says how to breed it. Is it like some kind of limited bunny? Please reply. Thanks

    • Yes the founder bunny is limited sadly and you can only breed it by having one already. I am very sorry they only stated about 12th of August. Also everyone should tell AJ to add in Tunnel town being able to send or trade bunnys

  40. Yay!! now i can complete many goals!! btw ima girl if u dunno (like everyone else lol)

  41. Chinchilly + Cactus = Fjord bunny it takes 20 hrs. (That’s another way) 😀

  42. PS hey people did you know if you breed something or plant a crop… Then you go to the home menu and QUICKLY click back to the app it shows the green bar it’s almost finished! Yet if you look at the time it’s to finished yet.. So ya sum thing I wanted to share! 😀

  43. Thanks this really helped!

  44. Omg thx so much I’m lilo9007 on animal jam please add me I have a thunderclap plz send me jam a gram if want to join I have been stuck on breeding bunnies for tasks for like forever sorry this is so long of a comment bye

    • oh ya this was a useful website thx and also I’m yousocute15665 on aj buddy meeeeee! ALSO I AM STUCK ON BREEDING BUNNIES FOR TASKS AND THE BUNNIES TAKE FOREVER!!! HELP MEEEE

  45. Walrus + Walrus = Narwhal

  46. You can make the Narwhal bunny with the fjord bunny (left) and the Walrus bunny (right)

  47. One way to make the new bunny (Narwhal bunny) is the walrus and either the seafoam or chincilly.

  48. Narwhal- fjord x fjord OR fjord x snowflake

  49. snowflake and chinchilly for narwh

  50. Narwhal=Fjord + Chinchilly

  51. Fjord+Chinnchilly= NARWAL yay

  52. This has been a great help but does anyone no how to make a super hero bunny please thanks

  53. is there anther way to make miner’49er bunnys,or leopard bunny

    cause i need to breed them and then i need to breed those to and possibly get a butterfly bunny*

    i dunno how but it said it would happen. :)

    • LEOPARD is Prarie and Paradise.
      MINER’49ER is Mouse and Mountain Bunny.

  54. You can also mate a bitterly and frog bunny to make a chameleon bunny

  55. Omg I got a chameleon bunny thx :)

  56. I CAN’T HATCH A SNAIL BUNNY FROM THE COMBONATIONS U GAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. does any one know another way to bread a snail bunny?

  58. Frog+Sun= Rare Chameleon

  59. THIS ROCKS :)


  61. How do you breed a wildebeest bunny?

  62. Does anybody know how to breed a Wildebeest Bunny?

  63. What about the wild beast bunny?

  64. I found out how to breed a Wildebeest bunny!!! Prairie + Zebra. I’m pretty sure Prarie + Leopard or Lion works too.

  65. zebra and paradise makes shark bunny same for a camilean bunny and prarie bunny :D:D:D

  66. I rock don’t you think

  67. I love tunnle town but I aspcaly the walrus bunnies

  68. Ummm none of the combinations work for wildebeest bunny so please add more! You are doing well!

  69. I know a combination for a wildebeest bunny moon bunny shark bunny squid bunny and I think that’s it, it’s a moon bunny (left) and a wildebeest bunny (right)

  70. Could you add the founder bunnies? I have one, and their really good for breeding.

  71. it took like a million tries to get a snowflake but i did it

  72. There is another way for lion bunny. It is Paradise Bunny and Prairie bunny. All the rest were helpful to me.

  73. HOW DO YOUGET A GOLDEN BUNNY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HELP PLZ!!!!!

    • You can’t hatch a golden founder Bunny, those are only If you get it free on the first week of the arrival of tunnel town. So you can’t get one :(

  74. This helped soooooo much can u make it where u can by stars and gems

  75. This helped soooooo much can u make it where u can by stars and gems plz I got so much to spend

  76. What about the Angler Bunny?

  77. And there was a update I got, Now there is an angler bunny. Do u know any bunnies to mate and get that one?

    • You could get one by shark and moon bunnies, I think shark on left and moon bunny on right. I don’t know if it will work. Glad to try and help. :)

  78. I’m trying to breed one using Shark + Seafoam. I hadn’t got one yet but it is a working combo! Shark + Squid works too. Try some other ones that use Shark.

  79. Seafoam and squid make the angler P.S. love your website helps me soooo much

  80. Also squid and shark and seafoam and shark make angler

  81. Dose anyone know how to get an angler bunny?

  82. Squid and shark bunny to make angler

  83. Angler – squid (l) and shark (r). Good luck!

  84. I just put together a seafooam bunny and a squid bunny and it shows the angular bunny as one of the options.

  85. To get angler bunny you breed shark and moon… Glad to help:)

  86. This is another way to make a angler bunny paradise and moon bunny Tks

  87. You can also breed two zebra bunnies to make a wildebeest

  88. For an angler bunny you can breed any ocean bunnies together such as shark, seafoam, squid, and moon. Try any combination with these bunnies, and after a few tries, you can get an angler bunny. Also can someone please tell me what is the max number of bunnies you can have? I’m level 24 right now, and they only let me have 30 bunnies, so I had to put away 6 of my adorable bunnies. :'(

    • Thanks for the tips!!

    • I think the max is thirty. I’m level 28 as of yesterday and I can still only have 30 out. It is sad.

    • They give you a limit for each level. Once you fill your den up with bunnies and you want to mate for another bunny, you have to put one back.

  89. Soooo Helpful!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!:)

  90. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a jackolope? (Just wanna know, I have always wanted one!)

    • The jackalope bunny is pretty rare, I think it takes at least 20 hours to hatch. Good luck! :)

    • It takes 1 day to get a jackalope. Glad to help! :) :) :):):):):):):):)

    • I tried a few weeks ago and it’s like 15 hours or something!

  91. I think this website is awesome!! The only changes I would make though is that you could put the updated pictures of the bunnies. Thanks! :)

    • Thank you! I’ve been meaning to put up the new pictures of the bunnies, hopefully I can get to it soon :)

  92. How do you get a zebra bunny?

  93. i do not have Tunnel Town is it good?

  94. Thank you sooo much! This helped a lot guys :)

  95. Ant animal, do you know another combination for the zebra or snail? Add moon if you want.

  96. There is another way to get snail. Mountain(right) and mouse(left)

  97. Elagna, you said you hadn’t gotten snail!

  98. Whops

    • The combination for snail is mouse left and mountain right. Sorry for what I said earlier.

  99. The combination for snail is mouse left and mountain right.

  100. Love tunnel town! Thanks for the snail combo, Kaia!

  101. Combo for snail : mouse and mountain . Glad to help! P.S the combo for mouse is mountain and cactus.

  102. You can also get a angler bunny with a moon and a seafoam bunny

  103. It would be cool if we could get buddies easier other than GC. I visit other random burrows and it’s always the same people, it would be nice to see other tunnels other than Peck’s. Also I’m wondering when will the Founder Bunny be out again, I got the game later and never got to have one :(

    There’s more combos for the lion. Mountain and leopard, leopard and snail. Please edit thanks

  104. Will somebody please tell me the combo for zebra?? If you know it, just post it! You could help a lot of people!!

  105. I know another combo for butterfly: mountain (left) and paradise

  106. Butterfly (left) and lion bunny also makes a chameleon bunny! 😀

  107. Does anyone know another combo for walrus?!!!??

  108. Omg I got a butterfly bunny!

  109. Lion: mountain + leopard bunny
    Lion: leopard + snail bunny

    New toucan bunny!
    Toucan: butterfly + paradise bunny

  110. How do you get a toucan bunny?

  111. My mouse bunny is missing!

  112. To get a toucan bunny, u can do butterfly and paradise

  113. Oh yea and also for toucan, u can do frog and paradiss and chameleon and paradise

  114. Wow this really helped me!!!! Thx whatever this website is

    • Glad to hear it! Thanks for visiting!

      • I use this site all the time to see what bunnies I need to get! How did you set this site up? What’s your GC thingamajig.

  115. Is anyone having trouble getting an angler bunny? I’m using the right combos and have attempted at least 25 times.

  116. I am too!

  117. If you’re feeling discouraged about getting a certain bunny, a word of advice: NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!

  118. Omg I got a chameleon bunny thx antanimal!


  120. Omg the miner 49 and chameleon bunny is SO HARD TO GET

    • Really! I got it!! You know you’ll get one because the time is something like 1day 2hours and like 30minutes. Just make the date on your device go two days up.

  121. There is 1 more way to get snail, mountain and mouse. Please edit thx!

  122. There is also another way to get narwhal, chinchilly and chinchilly. You have to try it a lot of times though.

  123. i wish i could play tunnel town i don’t have a app.

  124. you forgot toucan and any bunny

  125. Ok i am so confused so I was breeding Bunny’s and I took them off and it gave me a total new combos and a lot of these don’t work then I put them on later and they do it is so weird I am level 13

  126. I found a way to make a toucan and a chameleon. A frog and a butterfly. (The combo works for both)

  127. A shark and a sea foam work for a squid

  128. If anyone is having trouble getting a walrus, never give up! I thought I would never get a walrus, but then yesterday I got it! Remember, never give up!

  129. Just so you guys know, for a chameleon, you can also breed paradise (left) and Prarie. It takes 1 day and 3 hours to hatch.

  130. It took a lot of tries to get a miner but I did it! :)

  131. Another way to make a fjord bunnny, dust and chincilly

  132. To make a ford bunny a cactus and chinchilly bunny also works

  133. I found a way to make a miner 49er thing. Mouse bunny and a snail bunny

  134. I think I found out how to make another jackalope bunny, dust bunny (left) and chinchilly (right) so yeah bye ppl

  135. Nvm

  136. There is another way to make a Fjord bunny, dust and chinchilly

  137. anyone know the combo for plymouth and gobbler? btw the combo for autumn bunny is possibly any mountain bunny and dust bunny

  138. Mountain and sun bunny for autumn bunny i think it took about 7 hours for it to hatch but it forget exactly

  139. I also tried mountain and jackalope for autumn bunny it works. I think you just need a desert type bunny and a mountain type bunny

  140. Just leveled up autumn bunny I did desert bunny typing with the autumn bunny and that is a way you can get the gobbler

  141. My last comment for today) sun bunny on right did not work for gobbler only sun bunny on left and autumn bunny on right cuz if sun bunny is on right it might breed a frog bunny

  142. There are new bunnies called autumn bunny and turkey bunny how do you make them

  143. Get a autumn bunny with:
    Mouse x snail
    Mouse x Mountain
    Mouse x Sun
    Snail x Mountain
    Snail x Sun
    Sun x Mountain
    Autumn x Any

  144. Also it’s seems as though after the update you only new to have two level 4 bunnies. Strange. The new bunnies are autum, gobbler, and proud pilgrim. I already said what autumn combos were but I haven’t found the gobbler or pilgrim I’m trying toucan and autum for gobbler not sure if it works yet

  145. Wow! Thank you so much for all the help, thanks to you I now have most of the bunnies…I am still trying for Toucan though :) (I have the right combination, I just have to keep trying!)

    I found a new combination today though:


  146. For frog, you can put any tropical bunny on the left and any arctic bunny on the right.
    Snowflake is the reverse.
    For autumn, you can do sun(l) and mouse, mouse(l) and jackalope, and mountain and jackalope.

  147. Can you do the fall bunnies? They cost over 200 stars in the store and it’s also a challenge. If anyone does not have fall bunnies in the store, then you need to update the app in your App Store. Anyway… BYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  148. …and also:


    Add me if you would like to be friends in tunnel town , I am AbiFire808 :)


  149. One way to make autumn bunny is with Sun bunny and Mouse bunny 😀

  150. Happy Thanksgiving! Autumn Bunny: snail & dust bunny

  151. You can make Gobbler with Sun bunny and autumn bunny

  152. How do to breed the autumn bunnies

  153. I just got the new update today but now one of my missions is to hatch an autumn bunny and I don’t know how! I have searched it and I couldn’t find any awnsers. Can you put it on your page?

  154. Oh ya, and incase you wanted to know, I’m on level 24

  155. Thanks for the help! 😀

  156. Please edit thx.

  157. Can u please put on ur website how to hatch an autumn bunny! I’m on level 24

  158. What about the gobbler bunnies and the pilgrim bunnies..? Do u have to buy those with stars first and then breed it with another bunny to get another? Or is there a way u don’t have to buy them first.
    P.S my user name on animaljam is Jammer2958, check it out!

  159. I got an autumn bunny this morning with a cactus and mountain. It took 20 hours to hatch and took me maybe 5 or 6 tries.

  160. An autumn and a lion makes a Plymouth and a gobbler both rare and an autumn not rare. Just trying it for the first time.

  161. Oh lol nvm I posted my comment b4 u told us how to breed the new bunnies lol :)
    It would b awesome if u added the times tho, so when we breed a bunny we know wut we r going to get. Thanks, jammer2958

  162. Thanks! I’m having a party Christmas Eve at my den on AJ. The details are on YouTube, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVJXScsh-X8. And my username is jammer8884552. Anyway…. BYEEEEEEE! :)

  163. I have another combination for Autumn bunny. I’m not sure if position matters, but it’s Dust Bunny (left) and Mountain Bunny (right).

  164. Just as an update… I got a dark autumn bunny from the light autumn and light lion. So when I bred the dark autumn and the dark lion they only offered the gobbler not the Plymouth. Not sure which one causes the limitation/difference. The light lion/light autumn offered both the Plymouth and the gobbler as possibilities.

    • Thanks for the details! I’ve added those combos to the list!

  165. the way to get a frog bunny which is a new way is…………. autum bunny ( left ) and a sun bunny

  166. also my aj user and tunnel town user is slendermonkeycarey

  167. Another way to make gobbler is autumn and autumn… 😀

  168. Plymouth bunny can be made with autumn and autumn.. you can use two same autumns or one red and one orange… also for gobbler 2 autumns same or different…and there’s one more way for Plymouth… i think its sun and autumn… but im not sure, i’ll check when my other bunny is done 😀

  169. Combo for Plymouth coney gobbler and autumn

  170. Once you have the autumn bunny, set it on the RIGHT side with the prairie bunnie on the left. This combination gave me the Plymouth pilgrim And the gobbler turkey bunnies.

  171. Gobbler/Plymouth bunny- Zebra + Autumn

  172. plymouth bunny: gobbler on left and autumn

  173. autumn bunny and plymouth bunny for gobbler

  174. Frog and leopard can make chameleon and butterfly

  175. I earnt my Gobbler bredding leopard bunny and attum bunny Respectly, on my 4th try of that combination

  176. Leopard + Atumm = Gobbler

  177. So far found moon and frog make a candy stripe bunny. One of 5 options but doesn’t list as rare.

  178. There’s a candy bunny please tell us how to get it by mating

  179. hey there are new bunnies here yesterday i think because i wasn’t really playing for a while, and here are the new bunnies:
    mrs. clause
    candystripe green
    candystripe red

  180. I got the candy came stripe bunnies by these combinations:
    Sea foam + butterfly
    Shark + paradise
    Only, I can’t remember which bunny was on which side. Just try it one way and if the bunny you want isn’t showing up in the possible bunnies window, just switch Sides before starting the dance.
    They are SOOO cute!
    I love this game! My whole family plays.

  181. To get an elf bunny you need a Candy Stripe and Zebra Bunny. I went through all my bunnies on the dance floor with the Candy Stripe Bunny and found the only one is a Zebra Bunny.

  182. You can hatch an elf bunny by breeding a jackalope bunny and a candy stripe bunny

  183. Frog & candy stripe will make Santa

  184. Another way to breed a butterfly bunny is prairie and bunny and paradise

  185. Candy cane
    Shark and Chameleon
    Candy and Chameleon

  186. Elf
    Candy and leopard

  187. You can get Elf bunny with candy cane and sun bunny 😀

  188. Needs 2 no how 2 breed a butterfly bunny!!! plz reply

  189. Santa by candy stripe & paradise

  190. I bred the Candy Stripe Bunny and Mouse Bunny to get the Santa Bunny. Still working on the Elf, lol.

  191. There is a snowman bunny now

  192. candy stripe and seafome bunny = moon bunny

  193. How to you make the new snowflake bunny

  194. I was able to get the snowman bunny by combining other Christmas bunnies. So far all the combinations I have tried, work….it just takes several tries.

    • I too combined an elf bunny and a candy stripe bunny to get the frosty bunny. You also have the chance to get a santa bunny, another candy stripe or elf bunny.

  195. Elf and Candy Stripe can make a Frosty. Can make any of the four holiday ones actually.

  196. I found the combo for the frosty bunny!! It’s two candy stripes of the same color. Hope it helps!

  197. An elf bunny and a candy stripe bunny
    Does a snowman bunny
    Is another combination for Santa bunny

  198. The combination for the frosty bunny is:
    Candy Stripe and snowflake bunnies!

  199. FROSTY!!!

    Candy stripe and Candy stripe

    I did the white and red candystripe with the green and red candystripe and got it on the first try !
    Good luck :)

  200. Snowman bunny . Candy Stripe (left and Elf Bunny (right). I hope this helps.

  201. Thanks for that.
    I have another combo for Moon Bunnies – Seafoam and Seafoam.

    • I added it to the list, thanks!

      • No prob 😉
        There’s also these, for the Moon Bunny.

        Shark – Squid
        Seafoam – Shark
        Seafoam – Squid
        Chinchilly (left) – Shark
        Chinchilly (left) – Squid

        Hope this helps :)

        • I added them to the list! Thanks so much, very helpful!! :)

  202. i know another one for the shark bunny
    its seafoam (left) and paradise bunny
    it worked for me :)

  203. Workd

  204. best game ever

  205. I love this game .its so fun

  206. Mountain & Paradise don’t breed to make a snail bunny. This needs correcting on the breeding guide above.

  207. How to hach a butter fly and mouse bunny

    Mountin (left) paridic (right) only

  208. Butterfly + Sun = Roadrunner Bunny

  209. ahhhhhhhhhh
    i breeded a albino bunny on my. 14th try!!!!!!!!!
    u breed it by snowflake left prerie right

    • and i got all bunnies thx animaljamworld!!

    • Im jealous 😉 Still waiting on mine to hatch! Thank you for the combo!

  210. My holiday bunnies (candy stripe and snow man) won’t mate anymore, is anyone else having this problem and is there anyway to fix it?

    • Mine seem to be working ok…anyone else have this problem?

      • Me, it’s really upsetting, i have no clue how to fix it):

      • It tells me that my bunny can’t mate with the breed and to try another, I’ve tried every bunny I have with them but it keeps saying it..

    • I’m having the same issue, do you know how to fix it?? Hellpppp):

  211. Dust bunny and bunny of paradise can make new roadrunner.

  212. Could someone tell me how to breed a roadrunner bunny please?

  213. Never mind I know the combination
    It’s toucan&sunbunny

  214. Has anybody found out how to. Ale the albino bunny cuz I have chinchilly and leopard bunny mwahahahahaha

    • This is typed wrong one under this one is what I meant to say

  215. Has anybody found out how to make the albino bunny cuz I have chinchilly and leopard bunny

  216. How do you make roadrunner bunny?

  217. I know how to get albino.

    Snowflake and zebra bunny

  218. Plz help santa is not working 4 meh!! None of the combos work!

  219. Thank u soo much for the Albino bunny combination :)

  220. How do u get a dance floor without leveling
    up? And how do u get a moon bunny?

  221. Paradise and jackalop to make roadrunner.

  222. A paridise and seafoam bunny will make a candystripe bunny but it will not always be on the list of possible bunnies

  223. You can make the road bunny with the butterfly bunny on the left and the dust bunny on the left! Thanks for all the guides!

  224. I tried to make albino bunny. first time it was on the list but i couldn’t make it. second time i tried every combination but it wasn’t on any list DX

  225. Do the bunnies need to be at a higher level in order to breed the Albino Bunny? None of the combinations you listed show any Albino Bunny as a result in my game….most of my bunnies are a level 5 or 6.

  226. I know I tried for the first time and it was showed but the next time I tried I could not get it it would not show so what’s the problem here I WANT TO KNOW please help I want to know I nene help

  227. How come the albino bunny isn’t on the possible combinations list?

  228. There is another way to make a zebra bunny, I’m using a lion and mountain bunny and it said that I can get one from that so. 😛

    • Just learned that the lion bunny HAS to be on the left. Just going to day that :3

  229. Here is a jacklope combo:
    Cactus bunny and Founder bunny

  230. I tried pairing the candy stripe bunny and the snowflake bunny and it wouldn’t let me. They’re both at level 5. It also wouldn’t let me pair the candy stripe bunny with any of the others. What am I doing wrong here?

  231. Frosty bunny: candy and fjord

  232. Why do you need our email, ant animal?

  233. Seafoam and sun bunny make frog bunny

  234. Wow thanks so much!! Now all I need is the butterfly, walrus, angler and miner 49er to complete my set !! ❤️♥️❤️♥️

  235. I got a albino bunny!! I was trying to get a narwhal but it just popped up!! And they aren’t THAT rare it is only 20,000 gems if you sell it

  236. Hey animal jam I love the bunnies they are all so adorable, but I think it would be very cool if you could add like a cat bunny or dog bunny with long tails and whiskers and pointed ears for the cats, I think it would be soooooo cute!

  237. I just tried all the combos for the albino bunny but it didn’t pop up :(
    Thanks for the guide ^_^
    If possible do you think you could put down the time it takes for the different bunnies to hatch?

  238. How do u get the Albino Bunny to show up on the breeding chart? Do u have to try to get it without it’s picture on the breeding chart?

  239. Roadrunner = cactus + butterfly

  240. This helped a lot. Thanks!

  241. Thank you for telling us how to breed bunnies. When I first got tunnel town, I was confused on how to breed, so when I searched up,”Which (2 types of) bunnies breed (type of) bunny”, your website came up first.

    • You can also do paradise(left)+sun= chameleon or roadrunner!

  242. I have one for choneleon worked for me paradise (left) jakalope

  243. how do u make the new white rare bunny please please pretty please tell me

  244. So, where I’m getting this at, is the Albino bunny , you can’t see on the breeding chart, but it might be bred? Is that right?

  245. I love this game and I’m addicted to it I love it’s bunnies!

  246. Did you know if you go into settings and change the date and time it will speed up your crops,mating,and gems.

    • Two ways to get a turtle:



  249. Can someone give me the combinations for lion & snowflake plz?
    I’ve tried the ones on list but just not happening, thanks.

    • Chnchilly nd I think sefoam or moon will make a snowflake I not one hundred sure


  251. omigosh I got a albino!!!

  252. Has any one of you broken your iPad screen? I have.

  253. Hey! Seafoam+zebra= shark. Leapord or squid

  254. You can also make a Jackalope with a sun bunny and a mouse bunny.

  255. Made a lion bunny today with Toucan & Wildebeest :)

  256. There is another way to make a butterfly bunny. Frog bunny (left)+ lol sorry forgot the other I will comment it soon!
    And me and my sisters user name on animal jam is (me) trueheart2. And my sisters is hollyleaf3445
    Thanks for the help anyway!

  257. Paradise bunny! Got it!

  258. Lion and prairie bunnies bred together can make zebra bunnies and leapord bunnies

  259. YES, i got a zebra bunny! thanks so much

  260. YES, i got a zebra bunny! thanks! btw, if u subscribe pewdiepie plz add me im Sweetybunny1231 (Epic member with 9 diamonds)

  261. lol i said YES! twice

  262. If anyone is interested, I just found some combinations for the new LUCK BUNNY that looks like a leprechaun. Here they are:

    Wildebeest + Moon bunny (either side) = lucky bunny
    Lion + Moon bunny (either side) = lucky bunny
    Cheetah + Moon bunny (either side) = lucky bunny
    Zebra + Moon bunny (either side) = lucky bunny
    Prairie + Moon bunny (either side) = lucky bunny

    Good Luck! (no pun intended)

  263. Here are all the combinations for the LUCK BUNNY (Leprechaun) that I found. In each of them, it does NOT matter which bunny is on the right or left side.

    Moon + Wildebeest
    Moon + Lion
    Moon + Cheetah
    Moon + Zebra
    Moon + Prairie

    Lion + Angler
    Lion + Seafoam
    Lion + Squid
    Lion + shark

    Zebra + Angler
    Zebra + Seafoam
    Zebra + Squid
    Zebra + shark

    Wildebeest + Angler
    Wildebeest + Seafoam
    Wildebeest + Squid
    Wildebeest + shark

    Cheetah + Angler
    Cheetah + Seafoam
    Cheetah + Squid
    Cheetah + shark

    Prairie + Angler
    Prairie + Seafoam
    Prairie + Squid
    Prairie + shark

    Hopefully, we will all get some Luck Bunnies, soon :)

    • WOW!! Thanks so much for all the combos!

      • :)
        Glad to share. This site has helped me a lot, I’m just glad I can help my fellow Tunnelers.

    • Thanks how do you mate a angler

  264. Thanks for mentioning me, ant animal! P.S. I know this is late.

  265. Does anyone know how to make the Luck Bunny?

  266. Any idea how do get a luck bunny?

  267. Squid and albino makes a luck bunny

  268. Plz tell me how to get a lucky bunny! DX DX

  269. I don’t mean to be a pain in the neck or anything, but have you got the combinations for the Luck Bunny? I you do, please post them. If I find them, I will tell you.

    Many thanks,

  270. Can someone teach me how to breed a luck bunny plz

  271. Does anyone know how to hatch a luck bunny :3

  272. I just found another combination for the Albino Bunny. It is putting two luck bunnies together!

  273. Another Way to breed Cactus Bunnies is Left dust and left Dust

  274. Really helpful got an albino bunny

  275. I found another combination for miner 49er. It is Mountain and Mountain.

  276. Luck bunny and zebra bunny make wildbeest

  277. Luck bunny and zebra bunny makes a wildebeest bunny

  278. To make alibino use luck bunny with luck bunny. I did that and got an albino bunny

  279. Tocun and cactus bunny for roadrunner bunny

  280. You can breed a albino bunny with a fjord and lucky

  281. Another combination for roadrunner – sun bunny and chameleon

  282. Chameleon bunny and butterfly bunny make a Toucan bunny:)

  283. Every grassland bunny and every ocean bunny will work for the luck bunny.

    • Thanks for that I’m going to try that as soon as one of my dance floors opens up

  284. Hi!

    I have a combination for the Zebra Bunny it is…

    Prairie Bunny and Leopard Bunny=Zebra Bunny
    I was looking on Tunnel Town and going through my bunnies putting them in two’s on the dance platform and I put that combination on and it said possible bunnies and there was a Zebra Bunny I hope this helps :)

  285. I got albino with Chinchilly and Luck, I have pictures if you want them.

  286. Luck and butterfly bunny

  287. You can also breed mountain bunny and mouse bunny to get Miner 49`er bunny

  288. Hi!!!!!!!
    I was trying to breed a walrus bunny with a snowflake left and chinchilly right. It takes 2 days to breed

  289. Hey toucan ANC chameleon can also be butterfly and butterfly

  290. i know a combo for forjed bunny it is mountain and chinchilly

  291. You can get a leopard bunny a zebra bunny a prairie bunny an albino bunnyand a wildebeest bunny from albino and albino I have like 1o albinos

  292. I got a Albino Bunny with a Fjord on right + Chinchilly on left its a day and a couple hours (2-6 hours at the max) ( and a day)breeding

  293. if you do the combination for the leopard bunny,first i got a rare cactus bunny(i got the rare for 2 stars) then for 8 stars i got a leopard bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  294. Here is a founder bunny combo
    Founder and any bunny

  295. Omg this HELPED a lot thank you so much aj you are the best!

  296. Hey guys i no how to hatch a jackalope u use a snowflack and a dust but 1 thing if ya want it to be on level 5 you better feed them purple carrots because it has 50 energy in it O.M.G its stronger then the pumpkin and pineapple sheesh ya know what that a hole reckard that beat level 20!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Some one deskive back to me its me amaya i put the jackalope comment.

  298. A why is this website called tunnel town cheats to breed bunnies like ya i dont know why like how do you cheat on here?

  299. He man sings heyeyeyeyey once there was a glich every thing turned in to he man style!!!!!

  300. Ok so wildebeest zebra and lion works too

  301. Im the one who made natasha lopez im level 20 i have a frog bunny and jackalope but my little sis amaya who made a comment on her right ubove me she has a forje bunny and a jackalope and a luck bunny and a founder bunny albino bunny a snowflack bunny a butter fly bunny a mouse bunny and most of all a sgwid bunny of corse a snowman bunny a atoume bunny a gobbler and she also has 200 purple carrots and and 200000000000000000000000000 gems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. Sexy founder bunny chilling out in the hot tub
    What!?! I diddint mean to say that!?!

  303. You can also breed the fjord bunny with this combination

    *walrus + snail = fjord

    It takes 20 hours, though

  304. Toucan bunny= butterfly +butterfly

  305. I have another way for the narwhal bunny: 2 chinchillys and on the rainbow one.

  306. Another for toucan is butterfly & chamelion

  307. I found another Albino Bunny Combo. It’s a Fjord (Left) and Chinchilly. It’s takes 2 days to breed, and I will send in a picture of my Albino Bunny if you would like!

  308. umm i know ONE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW IN YOUR LIFE FACT: You never can get a cactus bunny AGAIN from breeding your first bunnies you get. The cactus bunny is SUPER SUPER rare because you cant get it anymore. Its your first bunny all the time.

  309. there’s another way to hatch a miner’49er, founder bunny and founder bunny

  310. What are the combinations for the wild flower

  311. Just found the combinations for the new WILDFLOWER bunnies!
    You need a Desert bunny on the left and a mountain bunny on the right.

    Roadrunner (left) + Mouse
    Roadrunner (left) + Miner
    Roadrunner (left) + Mountain
    Roadrunner (left) + Snail
    Dust (left) + Mouse
    Dust (left) + Miner
    Dust (left) + Mountain
    Dust (left) + Snail
    Sun (left) + Mouse
    Sun (left) + Miner
    Sun (left) + Mountain
    Sun (left) + Snail
    Cactus (left) + Mouse
    Cactus (left) + Miner
    Cactus (left) + Mountain
    Cactus (left) + Snail
    Jackalope (left) + Mouse
    Jackalope (left) + Miner
    Jackalope (left) + Mountain
    Jackalope (left) + Snail

    Hope we all get them!

    • Wow thanks Moogie-licious!! Your the best!

      • If you do a moonbunny
        On the left and zebrabunny
        On the right you can
        Get a squidbunny.

  312. Yay!!!! I totally got one!!!!

  313. Wildflower bunny combination:
    Plain (Right) + Cactus (Left)

  314. When I try to breed a wildflower bunny I put on the bunnys on the dance floor (that make the wildflower bunny) it but it doesn’t show that it will make it.

    • It has to be in that season, i tried making a Luck bunny, but because it was AFTER st.patrick’s day, I couldnt hatch it, now is the season for wildflower, hatch or not, Hope it helps – Sarina

    • It has to be in that season, i tried making a Luck bunny, but because it was AFTER st.patrick’s day, I couldnt hatch it, now is the season for wildflower, hatch or not, good luck

  315. We’ll for any of the new bunnys

  316. Zebra+Snail=Lion

  317. Another moon bunny combination:
    Seafoam & miner ’49er.


  319. I mean im hatching one lets see what pops up! Please get one cute little wildflower i used a sun bunny and a mouse bunny try useing those come on! Im shore youll get one of those cute little munchkins! Im getting a blue one witch one are you getting !?!

  320. Why won’t the albino bunny show up on that thingy even though I tried all the combos?
    Could someone help?

    • Sometimes it does that, you need to unlock the level of that bunny where you can purchase it, then you can breed it, for example, i couldn’t breed a butterfly bunny until i reached that level. Hope it Helps!

    • Chinchily bunny and a chinchily bunny works they have to br the different colors though.

  321. I need only the albino. I tried all of the combo’s listed plus many others. I also tried them
    In both types of bunnies such as both colors of zebra’s. Can anyone help I must a have tried it for months.
    I am on level 32 and most of my bunnies and 7 or higher. Can anyone please help me.

    • Well there is a secret combo you need to try a few times it is chinchilla and lepord

  322. I also could not get the albino to show up on the different bunnies to breed.

  323. A squid bunny, left and a mouse bunny can make a moon bunny.

  324. I so love tunnel town!

  325. Tunnel town is the greatest game ever!!!

  326. HEY I KNOW SOMETHING.Cactus and a Shark have really good breeds. They both make a butterfly bunny, a lot of rare bunnies and if you get a cactus or shark bunny you can just recycle them or keep them.

  327. None of the combinations for the albino bunny works
    Can anyone give me a combination for albino bunny that actually works ?

    • I don’t know any combinations, but i think that you can buy it with stars (if your parents are actually willing to pay for them), but i have seen other sites that has said that they know the combination for it, so you can check those sites out by searching the albino bunny combination on google. Hoped i helped a bit!

    • If You don’t already have your Albino Bunny Hatched, i can help. Just try putting the one on the left to the right, and the one on the right to the left. Hope this helps!

    • Chinchily and chinchily it takes three days to breed but it’s worth it!!!!!

  328. I got an albino bunny with the Fjord bunny and the chinchilly! it took SOOOOO long. Hope this helps :))

  329. Do you have to be on a certain level to get the albino bunny?

  330. No, you can hatch an albino bunny anytime. Bit, the goal only comes in level 31.

    • But when I try the combinations they never work. And they never show up on the breeding chart…

    • What of you hatch it earlier than that????? I hatches at legal 10????

    • What of you hatch it earlier than that????? I hatches at leval 10????

  331. in cumputers can it be able to play tunl town

  332. Anybody got turtle bunny combos?

  333. Dust bunny on left and snail bunny on right will give you new turtle bunny

  334. On level 32 still can’t get albino. I tried fjord and chinchilly it gives no option.

  335. there are new turtle bunnies and i got one. some ways to make are, sun and cactus,sun and roadrunner,cactus and roadrunner, roadrunner(left) and snail, cactus(left) and snail,sun(left) and snail,sun(left) and mountain, cactus(left) and mountain,roadrunner(left) and mountain, roadrunner (left) and mouse,sun(left) and mouse,cactus(left) and mouse,and that’s all i got. hope this helps! and give me credit if u put this on ur blog animal jam world!

  336. New Turtle bunny … dust and sun combo

  337. For shark bunny, you can breed a seafoam with a bunny of paradise, same with frog bunny.

    • oh, and, if you have a Jackalope and really NEED gems, Jackalopes sell for 24,000 gems

  338. ok, Scarlen, this is not an Official site of Animal Jam. and this is either LUCK or the Exact Guide to Breeding a Leopard Bunny.
    Mountain Bunny(left)+Prairie Bunny(right)=Leopard Bunny (Colors depend on music choice).

  339. I need a miner bunny plz I NEED COMBOS

  340. I figured out a combo for the turtle bunny! It’s Snail and Jacalope.

  341. Hey, new way to breed a wildflower bunny:
    Mouse(left)+ Cactus bunny

    you guys should try it!

  342. I got the turtle bunny from a sun bunny and a cactus bunny. Haven’t had time to experiment because I have cub camp and wood badge.

  343. Um I just made a squid bunny with walrus+shark, so…

  344. Oh my gosh thank you so much! I now got a lion bunny 😀

  345. I hope to get a jackalope because now I have to wait for a day to get a bunny so I don’t now what that means

    • Well it took me 24 hours to get the jackolope so Ya I think…

  346. If you are in level 32 can you get the albino bunny?

  347. I found out how to make a albino I have one it is a chinchily and another chinchily it takes 3days to breed if u have 43stars you can speed it up. U get 24 stars when u hatch your first one.

    • liar, that makes a walrus bunny and a narwhal bunny, but its still pretty good.

  348. Two ways to get a turtle:

  349. To get a turtle:

  350. I don’t know how to get a snail bunny I kept getting a mountain bunny ahhhhhhhhhhhh I need it. I need to legal up does any one know how to make one.????

  351. How do u get a snail bunny? I tried all the combos above (the ones I have) but I still can’t make one I keep getting the lepard bunny I am breeding the mountain bunny and the zebra bunny. I am waiting my time right??

  352. for the jackalope, you can do a chincilly and cac me, tus bunny. oh, and, my name is my user on aj. please buddy me, and please please PLEASE send me gifts for my sis. I’m rlly looking forward to breeding bunnies! thanks, to ALL of you!

  353. sorry guys, I totally messed up on that comment… I meant to say cactus… darn it… -.-

  354. add me : fuzzybunnyxo

  355. What happens if you breed a mountain bunny and a chinchilla bunny?

  356. Wun i do the. Albunnyit d dont wock

  357. Another way to breed a leopard bunny- Prairie and Sun

  358. Frog Bunny and Paradise Bunny make a Toucan Bunny

  359. Do all of these still work?

  360. Plz visit my town it is called shdhdjdjs

  361. Thanks! I turn here every time 😀

  362. Also for snowflake bunny, and narwhal, mountain bunny (left) narwhal.

  363. No offense but you really need to update the pictures

  364. There is no cheetah bunny. I wish but there is not a cheetah bunny. only Lion and Leopard no tiger or cheetah

  365. yup yup they do work i tried alot of them… they totally work.

  366. oh and I KEEP ON MESSING UP ON COMMENTS! well i play 2 aj apps, jump and of course tunnel town. and the original animal jam. plz buddy me, i am k02304.

  367. chinchilly and cactus makes a jackalope. kinda funny u missed that when u made a pic at the top the uses the combination…

  368. A good combination for an angler bunny is as shark and a squid

  369. When will you post combos for breeding the turtle bunnies and mountain goat bunnies? (These are real, please trust me!)

  370. How do you make a goat bunny???

  371. Guys I bred my Chinchilly and cactus hoping to get another cactus but it says 23 hours and it takes 24 stars to get it now. Am I getting an albino bunny instead? Because people say albino bunnies take 1 or 2 days and about 24 stars to get right away. I am so anxious to see what I got but I only have 10 stars. Does someone know what bunny I’m getting?

  372. I know a combo for the new mountain goat bunny it’s seafoam +mountain

  373. i got 1! I think its a green parie bunny and a chili bunny! Jam a gram me if wrong

  374. you really need to play this game so please join the fun

  375. how do you get a goat bunny the newest ones

  376. Any combos for mountain goat bunny?

  377. AntAnimal just to let you know there are new turtle bunnies and goat bunnies!

  378. I think Tunnel Town should have more active bunnies so you can have one of every bunny.

  379. Angler bunny also seafoam and moon

  380. To get a butterfly bunny too is a Goat+Paradise Bunny =Butterfly bunny,
    I’m not sure if that’s right because I’m breeding my bunnies and I don’t know. You can check.

  381. How to make a goat bunny?

  382. The miner bunny can also be made with a mountain + mouse

  383. Hi can u show how to make the new beetles bunny plz

    • Do paradise and cacti or mountain for beetle I think

  384. Oh did you guys know that dust on the left and paradise bunny on the right makes a beetle bunny

  385. Cactus Bunny and Butterfly Bunny will make the new Beetle Bunny

  386. Cactus bunny And chamilone bunny make THE nee beetle bunny

  387. Also for turtle is dust and sun

  388. I am getting really upset!!! I have every bunny including the beetle. I got it using the turtle and the frog. All I need is the albino. I spent the last 2 days going thought every combo on the left and right. No easy task, mind you trying for the albino. I am on level 33 and none of the combos worked. I have spent the last 8 months trying on two breeding towers. I am very devoted to this game but I think it’s time to delete it. Like I said I have every bunny even the lucky green one. I tried ever combo, all of you suggestions first then did every combo. I don’t know and have asked the game makers if it’s only available at certain levels and they couldn’t answer me. This is nuts and sad for someone who is do devoted. Hope the beetle combo helps everyone but I’m done. Level 33 is far enough. I have all of the store items, tons af all food. Thousands of beetles. All I needed was the albino to have one of everything!!!

    • Hi learly64! I couldn’t get the albino either but lately I’ve been having some serious luck! I just got my albino bunny a couple days ago with level 10 luck bunny and level 5 dark blue Chinchilly. This is what I did. I put my luck bunny on the left and dark blue Chinchilly on the right. Then I chose the music that gets the lighter shades of bunnies (I think it’s the disco ball music choice). The first time I got a Chinchilly but the second time…It said 1 day 23 hours 59 minutes (aka 2 days) and I knew, I finally got my albino!!!! My friend and I were jumping and screaming so much! I hope this helps! I have tried every combo too, I feel your pain! If you want to be my friend I am Bunnyland on tunnel town and mollyzena on Game Center (I play on my ipad) I don’t have a Facebook so I don’t think we can be friends but I really hope this helps!!

  389. Thanks

  390. Thank you

  391. Thanks moy

  392. I got a zebra,narwhal, leopard,and lion bunny☺️

  393. My bunnies are disappearing and it says I have 18 bunnies out when I only have four and two more hatching.

  394. I know some combos:
    Albino bunny- luck (left) and Chinchilly (right)
    Beetle bunny- cactus and dust

    I got my beetle and albino bunny with these combos!

  395. Combos!

    Albino bunny- luck bunny (left) and Chinchilly (right)
    Beetle bunny- cactus bunny and dust bunny

  396. Cool!!!!!

  397. Cool!!!!!

  398. Ok so I am level 20 now finally but I have tried to get the goat bunny and i have tried a bizzilion times and no!! I also have tried to get the albino bunny not working!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!

  399. Ok so I am level 20 now finally but I have tried to get the goat bunny and i have tried a bizzilion times and no!! I also have tried to get the albino bunny not working!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!

  400. Beetle=sun and paradise

  401. here is another way for jakalope.i think prarie bunny + cactus bunny

  402. Also you can get a miner with 2 snails and a mountain and goat

  403. 2 butterfly bunnies or 2 bunnies of paradise makes a tucan bunny

  404. Toucan= chameleon and beetle

  405. Combination for beetle bunnies:

    Frog Bunny + Cactus Bunny

  406. To make a walrus bunnie your can have 2 chincillys just letting you know mabye someone said this but yeah.

  407. To get a miner bunny, you can alo use goat + mountain or two goats!

  408. Question… For the albino bunny… Does it actually show up as a possible outcome? I’ve tried all the combos but it never shows up as a possible bunny on the chart

    • Try a Chinchilly (left) and a Fjord bunny. That’s how I got my Albino Bunny. Most of the time it’s just luck, but give it a few tries.

  409. Goat bunny
    Angler and mountain bunny in that order

  410. has anyone else not seen any new bunnies appearing?

  411. has any body else noticed that there have been no new bunnys around since august?

  412. To hach a zebra bunny the first one doesn’t work

  413. Plz find one 4 the founder bunny I had one on my old account but I deleted it

  414. Chinchilly (left) + Fjord Bunny make an Albino bunny

  415. I am sorry to say that the first thing you said about bunnies have to be at level 5 to breed that is false bunnies can now be at level 4 to breed maybe you should look better the first two bunnies you get are at level 5 but they only really technically need to be at level 4

    PS:Sorry if I embarrassed whoever made this webpage

  416. Check out this new combo I found! (it makes 6 bunnies)(different ones)

    Wildbeast bunny(LEFT) Bunny Of Paradise (RIGHT) here are some of the bun buns it makes: Wildbeast,BOP ^^,butterfly,leapord, frog and i think zebra but i can’t remember XD

  417. by bop i ment bunny of paridise :l

  418. There are new Halloween bunnies! Here are the easiest ways to get the bunnies!
    Pumpkin + Snowflake= Vampire
    Pumpkin+ Prairie=Franken
    Pumpkin+Pumpkin= Pumpkin, Vampire, or Franken

  419. Sun bunny and dust bunny makes cactus bunny

    plz reply if you gots solutions im on lvl 20

  421. These aren’t exactly cheats

  422. Hi another combination for the snowflake bunny is …

    Snail (left) + chinchili!!
    Hope his helped

  423. Omg I found a combination for BEETLE BUNNY Sun and Paradise bunny it works!!!

  424. There is another way to make a wildflower bunny:cactus and prairie

  425. Why is an albino bunny so rare and why do so many people want them?

  426. I know another combination for narwal. Two chinchillies!

  427. I know another combination for walrus. Both of the chinchillies. By the way I did the other narwhal combination.

  428. Another for the Franken bunny is two vampire bunnies.

  429. I need help getting the Snail bunny. I’ve been trying Mountain+Paradise bunnies and Mountain+Prairie bunnies and it doesn’t work :( please help me.

  430. Another way to get narwhale bunnies is to do chinchilly and walrus I saw you didn’t have verry many combos for them please buddy me on animal jam please my name is lunalovgood1 also i am having a hard time breeding the miner bunny any tips?

    • Dat is da combination I tried but I am having such a hard time getting one :3

  431. I have tried so many combinations for the Autumn Bunny with absolutely no success. Would someone please help me with a proper combo? I can’t move forward without the Autumn Bunny. Thanks

    • Reason why you did not get it is because 1 the chance is kinda low, and 2 you can only breed it while they are in stores too.

  432. Well the hacking time thing did not work.I did it and then I had to start over.I was at level 34 . :(

  433. I got a CHAMELEON BUNNY using Paradise and Prairie bunny same order as I wrote it, and it worked first try! Add me on AJ I am Penguinabird.

  434. How do you hatch a Plymouth Bunny Please?

  435. Pumpkin+Pumpkin= possible combination for Autumn bunny

  436. Mouse + Goat = Miner

  437. Jackalope and Paradise bunnies can make a beetle bunny.

  438. Help What happens when you put the dust bunny with frog? Help :( ♤♤♤

  439. Hi I’m Annianiston (on aj add me!!) And I got a jackolope bunny from dust and mountain bunny’s… thanks and bye!!

  440. Cool but do u have any other ways to get a narwhal bunny? I am having such a hard time :3

  441. I thonk that this is a very helpful ste thanks every one

  442. candy cane+fjord=frosty wildflower+autumn=turkey moon+cactus=roadrunner or beetle snail+shark=narwhal narwhal+narwhal=walrus mountain+goat=miner or Plymouth Coney (beetle+toucan=albino sometimes) angler+walrus=narwhal santa+frosty=elf elf+santa=frost elf+frosty=santa cactus+frog=butterfly leopard+sun=autumn and seafoam+mountain=moon. hope it helps :) 😮 oh and there is a really rare bunny it is only on for one day it is going to be bred with butterfly+roadrunner=? the rare bunny is an ant bunny.

  443. There’s another way to breed a wildebeest.

  444. A way to get miner49er is sun and miner

  445. This is soooo cool i love thing but theres another way to hatch a elf bunny its white candystripe and green candystripe


  446. Yo can get a miner bunny with two goat bunnies

  447. u can get a miner bunny with two goat bunnies

  448. another way for a shark bunny which is really easy!

    Green seafoam + green and blue Bunny of Paradise

    Plymouth Coleny Breed!

    Any leopard + orange autmn bunny

    Turtle Bunny!

    Brown Jakalope + dust bunny

    You have to try this one a couple of times to get it correct

  449. I was randomly breeding a chinchilly and a snowflake and I got an albino! I bred it with some othr bunnies and I now have 4 albinos. I’m trying to get the miner, jackoope, and chameleon, and roadrunner and the gobbler. Is there any easy waysbto get the ones I need, or are they always rare? I alsoneed the angler. I sold 4 albino bunnies which gets really good amounts of money.

  450. I know how to breed fox bunny!! :Snowflake bunny, (any color):mountian bunny. And btw they;re rare :) happy to help! 😀

  451. Hi! I found another way to breed an Albino bunny! it just came out of nowhere!! You need to breed a snowflake with a snowflake!! after that its just easy cause I now have fifteen of them!!!!!

  452. Awesome!!!!!

  453. Does anyone have Fox Bunny Breeding Combos plz let me know B/c i really
    Want one my if you want to email me the Combos Thanx

    Captain Harlock

  454. Just so you know Chinchilly+Seafoam=Moon bunny

  455. Combinations for the Fox Bunny:
    Chinchilly + Miner (This one I used)
    Chinchilly + Goat

  456. And some more for the fox
    Fjord or Chinchilly + any mountain type bunny

  457. How long does everything take?

  458. can you breed a founder bunny? or is it just a 1st week giveaway sorta thing

  459. Another breed for turtle bunny is sun and dust :3

  460. I was Wondering How To Breed a Cupid Bunny and Chinese Dragons?

  461. Cupid Bunny Combos Fjord Bunny + Jackalope Bunny = Cupid Bunny Breeding Time 1 Day 0h 59 Mins

  462. Chinese Dragon
    Montain Bunny + Seafoan Bunny = Chinese Dragon Breeding Time 1 day 9h 59 Mins

  463. There are new bunny species available as of today. The Dragon and Cupid Bunnies.

    As for the Dragon Bunny…I already found a combination that works.

    Chinchilly and Zebra.

  464. Chinese Dragon Bunny = Albino X Chinchilly

  465. I tried to get a dragon but instead I got an albino which is great because I didn’t have one yet

    Chinchilly+prairie=albino or dragon