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Tunnel Town is a brand new free app from the creators of Animal Jam.  If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, be sure to download it from the Apple App Store.  You play Tunnel Town as rabbits building an underground burrow.  When you first start playing, you meet Peck, the Alpha rabbit from Jamaa.  She helps guide you through how to play Tunnel Town.


First, you’ll learn how to dig the tunnels.  To start digging, tap the shovel button on the right side of the screen.


Then tap the squares where you want to tunnel and tap Dig.  Your rabbit will start digging the tunnel right away.


The more your bunny digs, the more tired it gets.  You have to feed your rabbits carrots and other vegetables so they will stay awake.  Use the garden above your burrow to grow vegetables.  Vegetables take time to grow.  You can either wait for the veggies to grow or spend some of your stars to make them grow instantly.


Once your vegetables have finished growing, tap them to pick them!  After you pick your vegetables, tap the seed button to plant more.  On the top right side of your screen, you’ll see a vegetable button.  This is where your vegetables are stored.  Tap and drag the vegetables onto your rabbit to feed it.


As you advance in Tunnel Town, you’ll unlock new goals.  These goals can range from growing more food to creating more bunnies.  Once you reach higher levels, you unlock space for more bunnies.  Keep track of your goals by tapping the clipboard on the upper left side of your screen.


On ground level, you’ll see a market on the left side.  Here you can buy furnishings for your burrow, new bunnies, food, and more!


Once you reach higher levels in Tunnel Town, you’ll unlock more spaces to grow vegetables in your garden.  You’ll also unlock new vegetables to grow!



You can have more than one user account for Tunnel Town.  Click the settings button at the lower right side of the screen to switch users.  You have to set up a new account when you first open the Tunnel Town app.  Accessing the settings menu allows you to switch between multiple user accounts on one device.

Cheats for Tunnel Town

Cheat #1:

The first way to cheat in Tunnel Town is by completing your goals easily and for free!  On any of the decorating goals like “Add 250 Squares of Carpet”,  you can cheat by laying the carpet and then removing the carpet to get your money back.  Then just lay the carpet again and it will count more squares towards your goal.

Just keep doing this until you do enough to reach the goal!  It’s so easy and works for all of the den decorating goals.  Check out the video below to see how this Tunnel Town cheat works.

Cheat #2:

Another way to cheat in Tunnel Town is by changing the clock on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  By moving your clock time ahead, you can fast-forward the time it takes for your bunnies to mate and your crops to grow.  It’s easy to change the time settings on your device:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Then go to “General”
  • Now go to the “Date & Time” section
  • Turn off the switch that says “Set Automatically”
  • Move the time forward however far you want!

Watch the video below to see how to do this cheat:

This is a great way to speed up the time it takes for bunnies to hatch and for crops to grow.  Be sure you don’t move the time too far forward or your crops will be ruined.  Level-up even quicker without having to wait a whole day for a rabbit to hatch!  This cheat was found by one of our readers, thanks Haily!

WARNING: You can move the time forward as far as you want but when you move it back to normal time, Tunnel Town will give you a warning message.  The message says that you can lose your account if you continue to change the time settings.  From what I’ve heard, they will not actually suspend your account no matter how many times you do the cheat though.

Remember to check back as I will have more cheats and a guide as soon as they are available.  If you find any Tunnel Town cheats, let me know in the comments!


Tunnel Town is a new game from the creators of Animal Jam for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  In this game, you create an underground world for rabbits, hence the name Tunnel Town.  This game is free for everyone to play but it’s only available through the Apple App Store.  Hopefully it’ll come out for android some day.


Tunnel Town is based under Jamaa and features the same rabbits from Animal Jam.  Players are able to raise baby rabbits to build a workforce of tunneling bunnies.  Use grown rabbits to dig tunnels and chambers to build your very own Tunnel Town.  Then decorate your chambers with furniture, just like your animal Jam den!  You can even visit your friend’s burrows too.


This game features tons of new items for your bunnies to use and interact with.  Tunnel Town even allows players to mate their bunnies on the dance floor to create new species.   The large area of play space allows players to truly create an underground world with their rabbits.  How creative will your Tunnel Town be?


  1. I really wish some of the bunnies were cheaper I have ten missions to buy bunnies but most of the cost 30 stars it’s so hard I don’t know what to do I do t want to spend all my money on a game :'(

  2. Hey I wanted to let you know that I love the carpet and wallpaper cheat. I dont have to use any gems and I leveled up two lvls thanks

  3. I need to get more stars to get a founder bunny.

  4. I agree I need more money to

  5. Howdy, I have a very important thing to say. If you try out the glitch where you change the time and it’ll breed the bunny faster, it says it detected a problem in the time, and to stop doing that or you’ll get suspended.

  6. They did delete mine…. now I’m lvl 37 tho and got 4 million coins heheh :3 but yea, I have lost mine a couple times, so I had to start from the beginning;-; I have all the rabbits but albino and miner 49’er haha


  8. Hi, I am not in any squad or anything but I have a question.
    Is there a cheat to earn more money because my bunnies have 3 kids with hardly any money. I’m only level 8, nearly 9. But I need ore money. My current financial rate is around $35,000 but I wanted more. And I cannot buy gems or stars because I’m only 12 and my parents will not allow. ?

    • What you can do is get the most expensive plant (apart from purple carrots) and grow them no matter how long it takes
      Go into settings general date and time and fast forward a day keep doing this till all money is gone
      Then go to the shop
      Click on food
      Click sell and it will give you mine money for the item on food
      This only works on food

    • Use the two rarest bunnies, get a baby, if the one you get is rare, level it up, get another of it, and sell it, I earned 4 million doing that hhhahha

  9. so can you get it on android now ?

  10. i had 1,000 and i went to buy a chinchilly and it said i didnt have enough tell me of this is normal or a glitch or if u could fix it and if u can please do!

  11. i have tunnel town on my tablet but my tablet brok but i still have it i have lots of bunnys

  12. Hey guys Tunnel Town now Is SOMETHING similar to that but not very as you know animal jam and its apps change over time and so has tunnel town im pretty sure you can find newer versions of this on youtube If you are wondering who I am on Animaljam, I am Amiarocks

  13. I bread 2 bunnies to get an albino bunny, yes I did get one after multiple tries but when I did get it….. I TOOK 4 DAYS!!!! And even after I worked so hard to get 2 albino bunnies so I could breed them the next day my sister pranked me and deleted my account so I deleted to app to get scribblenauts and whenever I got bored of it I deleted it a and got tunnel town again and the first bunny I got took 1 day and it was a fidoje bunny (well the first one besides sun bunny, dust, and cactus)

  14. I want to get rid of crystals, because they get in the way of decorating and I at least want to move them somewhere else.

  15. Can Any Body Talk I Been Talking Too Ya’ll In Decades

  16. can i get it for my phone?

  17. If you don’t take care of your bunnies 24 7 will they die? O.O

  18. Do you know what to 2 bunnies you half to get to bread the golden bunny?

  19. Hello everyone on animal jam my use is swimmi79285 please buddy me and on tunnel town my name is swimmi79285 and please gift me I will gift back. !!!:-)

  20. it is fine i do it all the time lol

  21. I like tunnel town im level 7 🙂

  22. Can you transfer gems from tunnel town onto Animal Jam?

  23. Hey ppl I think everyday u go on. Tunnel town pplz should get 5 stars everyday. So if u don’t have money or u dont have any stars u would get 5 stars everyday.

  24. Hello! I was wondering what bunny can you bread a Santa Bunny with? I have tried my rare bunnies, but it says “Try a different bread”. I even tried a Santa with a Santa (LOL) and that still didn’t work.
    Any advice? 😀


    • Have you tried any regular bunnies? Maybe those would work, just get a simple sun bunny or dust, then try it. It still might not work, but it’s worth a try if you can do it!

      Animal jam account name: farmgirl116

  25. Just wanted to tell how I got the dragon bunny- bred shark and mountain bunny and got Dragon( 1 day 9 hours and 59 minutes . Just real lucky only tried 2 times but have tried over and over 20 times and can not bred Cupid! Or butterfly. When you get the dragon you can NOT bred him. Or as they say dance! And that stinks!

  26. Do you know how you get a pet kangaroo pet if you get aj jump? What if tunnel town gave you pet bunnies?

  27. ajhq sould let you put your bunny in your animl jam acount as a per

  28. hey i love this blog and all and i love tunnel town but can you make it so you and your animal jam account share gems and stars as diamonds like jump i think that update would be so cool thanks!


  29. Does anybody know how to drag more bunnies than you are allowed out at a time?

  30. can you get it without downloading it

  31. These cheats are good because i used the carpet and wallpaper cheat and that got me to level 15. Thank you.

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  33. tunnle town is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun but my sis is hogging MY nook h.d she spends all my money and she is coco animal jam is better than other web sights such as club peguin

    my username is Bubblepop8

    ps. type in TWELVEand get a free dimond

    • Thanks for the info bubblepop8 I will have to try the code. :3

  34. that was my sis

  35. this is b and i am cooco

  36. tunnle town i sooooooooooo fun my sis keeps hoging my nook hd IM SO MAD AT HER GRRR PARIS she takes all my money and she will pay

    my username is Bubblepop8

    ps i love monkeys not in animaljam though GO RED PANDAS

  37. Did nyone answer my question yet please say some one did?

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