AJ Pet Arctic Wolf

Up until May 2013, members in Animal Jam received monthly rewards, which were called the Monthly Member Gifts. In March 2013, the gift of the month was the Pet Arctic Wolf. This pet was given out to Jammers that were already members, or purchased a membership during the month of March in 2013.

The Pet Arctic Wolf looks similar to the Arctic Wolf animal. Just like many other pets, it has a large head, small body and a fluffy tail.

Pet Arctic Wolf Actions & Special Abilities

All animals and pets in Animal Jam have their own actions and special abilities. Let’s take a look at what the Pet Arctic Wolf is able to do in the game.

Sit: the pet sits down on its behind and faces your animal

Play: a stick appears and gets thrown up in the air by the pet. Afterwards, the pet catches the stick with its mouth.

Dance: the pet pushes itself up into the air using its tail and bounces into different directions.

Hop: the pet jumps up and down, while its tail is wiggling around.

Sleep: the pet lays down, its tail is slightly in the air. It closes its eyes. Animated Z’s appear.

How to Get a Pet Arctic Wolf in Animal Jam

The Pet Arctic Wolf was given out in March 2013 as a Monthly Member Gift. If you were an AJ member during that time, or purchased a membership at that time, you would receive the pet for free. Currently, there is only one real way to obtain the pet, which is by trading for it.

AJ Trading

Pets are tradable in Animal Jam, which is awesome! It is difficult to obtain pets that have been released years ago, maybe even before you actually started playing the game. Because of this reason, you probably haven’t seen many of the items and pets that have been released into the game. Luckily, you could always try to find a Jammer that is willing to trade their Pet Arctic Wolf with you. Keep in mind that the pet is extremely rare, so the trade will cost you a pretty penny.

Pet Arctic Wolf Codes

If you weren’t a member in March 2013, you didn’t get the Pet Arctic Wolf. That was the only time the pet was actually obtainable in the game. Your only chance in getting it now would be by trading for it. There are no codes available for this pet, and there probably never will be. If you do know of another way to obtain the Pet Arctic Wolf, let us know in the comments below!

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