Animal Jam Calendars – Physical & Game Codes

Calendars are amazing tools that allow you to keep track of what day of the month it is, as well as note down any appointments you may have ahead of time. Calendars are essential in many households. However, the physical ones are often replaced by the digital ones.

If you are a Jammer, and you would like to have a calendar of your own, you can get the Animal Jam Calendar! This is a full 2018 calendar with the Animal Jam theme. Each month, the design of the calendar changes, showcasing different AJ animals and items. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Animal Jam Calendar and see what is included with it, and how you can go about buying one for yourself!

Where to buy the 2019 Animal Jam Calendar

The Animal Jam Calendar is sold on both Amazon and the Walmart website. It seems they are both currently out of stock. It is also not clear if more of the calendars are going to be available.

The Animal Jam Calendar is sold for $6.58. However, you need to consider handling and shipping costs, especially if you order the calendar internationally. The best thing you can do is to try to find the item locally, and if it is not available, you could always try to get it on Amazon.

Since we are approaching 2019, it is almost a certainty that AJHQ will release a new calendar for the new year. Keep checking Amazon and the Walmart website to see new AJ Calendar releases.

What is Included with the Animal Jam Calendar

Most of the time, Animal Jam merchandise come with goodies. When you buy the Animal Jam Calendar, you do not only get the amazing calendar, but you also get a redeemable code that gives you a special in-game calendar upon redeeming.

When you buy an Animal Jam Calendar, you get:

  • The Animal Jam Calendar
  • Redeemable Code
  • In-game Wall Calendar item

Animal Jam Calendar Codes

The Animal Jam Calendar is a physical item that has a special code included with it. You can go on Animal Jam and enter that special code, redeem it and receive a very unique item. The item that you receive in-game is called the Wall Calendar, so you will have a real calendar, as well as an in-game calendar.

Wall Calendar

The Wall Calendar was released in October 2017. The only way to obtain this item is by getting an Animal Jam Calendar, and redeeming the code that comes with the calendar. In the picture below, you can see what the Wall Calendar looks like.

As you can see, it calendar consists of two sections. The bottom sections shows the day of the current month. The top section shows a picture that goes with the current month that we are in. The cool thing about the Wall Calendar is that it actually corresponds with real life days and months. It is a dynamic item, changing day by day, month by month, which makes it quite rare.

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