Animal Jam Coloring Pages

Everyone knows how to customize their animals in Animal Jam, but what if you could unlock even more colors and designs?  Well you can, with Animal Jam coloring pages!  Coloring pages are a great way to unplug from all the electronic distractions in your life and let your creativity flow.  They’re also perfect for times when you can’t play Animal Jam or if you have some free time.

There are lots of free Animal Jam coloring pages online.  All you have to do is print them out and you’re ready to color!  Just be sure to ask your parents before printing.  You can use coloring pages to imitate your favorite animal’s design or come up with something totally new and unique.  That’s the great thing about coloring pages, the possibilities are endless!

Free Animal Jam Coloring Pages – Top 5 Websites

Since there are so many different sites where you can get AJ coloring pages for free, I decided to make a list of the top 5 websites I found.  These sites have different kinds of pictures like individual animals, scenes, and other Animal Jam related designs.  I’ve included a sample coloring page from each website but you’ll have to visit the sites to get the full versions.


It may not come as a surprise that the number one place to find Animal Jam coloring pages is from AJHQ themselves.  Being that they are the creators of the game, they also create some of the best coloring pages for Animal Jam.  They seem to add new pages pretty regularly and some are themed for holidays and other events.  You can find more Animal Jam coloring pages on their official website here.


The second best website I found for free Animal Jam coloring pages is called Coloringpages101.  This site is great if you’re looking for pages of individual animals.  They have all kinds of animals including the Animal Jam Alphas!  Here are some of the animals I found there:

  • Wolf & Arctic Wolf
  • Snow Leopard
  • Fox & Arctic Fox
  • Bunny
  • Eagle
  • Tiger
  • Lynx

You can find all these animals and more here on their website.


Number 3 is another great site for finding Animal Jam coloring pages – Getcoloringpages.  This website has a good mix of individual animal pictures and some older official coloring pages from AJHQ.  They even have an Animal Jam word find.  All of these are free to download of course!  See which pages are your favorite by visiting here.


This website is a good choice for some additional coloring pages for Animal Jam.  These free to download coloring pages will add more to your collection of pages in your coloring book!  You can find their full collection of pages on their website.

5. Make it Real Animal Jam Sketchbook

Alright now I know I said this list is all free coloring pages, but this last one is an exception.  If you’ve already gone through all of the available free coloring pages on the sites I listed above, then maybe you’d be interested in buying an Animal Jam coloring book?  But this isn’t just any coloring book, the Make it Real Animal Jam sketchbook comes with much more!

  • Coloring pages
  • Stencils
  • Stickers
  • Online game code

All of these items are included in this sketch book.  So if you’ve mastered all of the free coloring pages, it may be time to get a more official Animal Jam coloring book!  You can purchase them on Amazon for less than $10.

So there’s my list for the best places to get free Animal Jam coloring pages!  I hope this was helpful to find ones you like.  Were there any sites I missed?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

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