Animal Jam Diamond Shop Items

The Diamond Shop was added to Animal Jam in 2013 and is a shop where every item must be purchased with diamonds.  Unfortunately, this excludes many non-members because diamonds are pretty much only available to members.  Here I have created a guide showing the different items available at the Diamond Shop.  The Diamond Shop sells everything from den accessories to rare animals you can play as.

Diamond Shop Animals

These are the animals and pets available for purchase at the Diamond Shop.  Most of these animals are the rare ones that used to come with the 3 month membership cards.  The Diamond Shop is usually where you can purchase any of the new animals and pets that come out in Animal Jam.  To shop for animals at the Diamond Shop, click on the giant Arctic Wolf statue.


You’ll see a page of the different animals and pets you can buy.  There may be multiple pages so use the arrow in the bottom right to go to the next page of animals.




Cost: 10 Diamonds



Cost: 10 Diamonds

Snow Leopard


Arctic Wolf


Cost: 10 Diamonds



Cost: 10 Diamonds

Pet Owl


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Pet Raccoon


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Pet Fox


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Ice, Phoenix & Wind Armor

Probably the second most popular items at the Diamond Shop are the Ice, Phoenix, and Wind Armor.  These flashy types of armor are sure to get you noticed around Jamaa.  To shop for rare armor, click on the cheetah statue wearing ice armor.


You’ll see a page with all of the rare armor items available for sale.  Use the arrow at the bottom right corner to flip to the next page of rare items.


Ice Armor


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Ice Helmet


Cost: 2 Diamonds

Ice Tail Armor


Cost: 2 Diamonds

Ice Gauntlets


Cost: 1 Diamond

Ice Amulet


Cost: 1 Diamond

Wind Armor


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Wind Helmet


Cost: 2 Diamonds

Wind Tail Armor


Cost: 2 Diamonds

Wind Gauntlets


Cost: 1 Diamond

Wind Amulet


Cost: 1 Diamond

Phoenix Armor


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Phoenix Helmet


Cost: 2 Diamonds

Phoenix Tail Armor


Cost: 2 Diamonds

Phoenix Leg Armor


Cost: 1 Diamond

Phoenix Amulet


Cost: 1 Diamond

Clothing & Den Items

The Diamond Shop also carries some special den items and some additional clothing.  Add some flair to your den with some rare items!  The area pictured below is where you can find these items.


This will take you to a page of all the Diamond Shop clothing and den items.  There may be multiple pages so use the arrows to view them all.


Elf Tail Armor


Cost: 4 Diamonds

Legendary Glove


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Studded Bracelet


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Studded Collar


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spiked Wristband


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Spiked Collar


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Phantom Invasion


Cost: 4 Diamonds

Rainbow Cloud


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Lightning Cloud


Cost: 3 Diamonds

Gingerbread Treehouse


Cost: 2 Diamonds

Giant Kangaroo Plushie


Cost: 1 Diamond

Giant Arctic Wolf Plushie


Cost: 1 Diamond

Giant Snow Leopard Plushie


Cost: 1 Diamond

Giant Lion Plushie


Cost: 1 Diamond

Diamond Shop Dens

The Diamond Shop also sells special dens that can’t be purchased from the Den Depot.  Right now they don’t have many special dens for sale but hopefully they will add more in the future.  To shop for dens at the Diamond Shop, click on the area pictured below.


As you can see, there’s only one den available right now but hopefully there will be more soon!


Cosmo’s Den


Cost: 5 Diamonds

Sale Items

The Diamond Shop will have some items on sale from time to time.  You can find these discounted items by clicking the area with the “Sale” sign.


Here you’ll find some items on clearance.  Pick up some rare items for cheap!


The Great Escape – Cost: 1 Diamond

Base Camp – Cost: 1 Diamond

Mystical Morning Song – Cost: 1 Diamond

Diamond Exchange

The Diamond Exchange is where you can cash in your diamonds for gems.  If you are running low on gems and have some extra diamonds laying around, this may be a good option for you.  To access the Diamond Exchange, click on the area pictured below.


Here you can see the different exchange rates for trading in your diamonds.  I would recommend trying to use codes if you are low on gems but the diamond exchange can be used as a last resort.


Diamond Exchange Rates

1 Diamond = 1000 gems

4 Diamonds = 5000 gems

7 Diamonds = 10000 gems

10 Diamonds = 15000 gems

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  3. I have 72,867 gems and 13 diamonds, and I’m a non-member!!!

  4. this should be updated

  5. I have 38 diamonds and I’m a nonmember! But I really wish we could have a flying animal. 🙁

  6. I have 72,867 gems and 13 diamonds, and I’m a non-member!!!

  7. Who cares. I have 12343 gems and 34 diamonds.

  8. i am a non member and i have been shopping in the diamond shop and i also bought all of the non member items in it and now i dont want to buy anything and guess how many gems i have? 26 or 27 at the moment and i have nothing to spend them on if i were a member i would buy the animals

  9. Why are diamonds soooooooooo expensive?

    • so that aj can earn lots of money….. it is kinda unfair, diamonds AND membership is expensive, my family doesn’t have alot of money.,so even though all i want for my birthday tomorrow is membership, i can’t have it…. if anyone can help me get membership, please do! my username is ivi9719 and my password is student1…. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  13. They’ve added some new stuff in there for non-members. I forgot wut they are, but you guys should take a look because there not all expensive for non-members.

  14. all of that stuff is expensive! I really want a owl, elf tail, and spike collar. what now!?!?! also if you invest in a pet a fox for example, next time you don’t pay in dimonds. just go to change your look in the bottom left hand corner. once you are there click pets. then click the button in an empty slot. there you may see a pet fox, owl, tiger or raccoon. if you do not see it then you have not yet invested in the pet. if you see it, then click it and you only have to 400 gems!

    • i had 50 diamonds but i logged out came back in and they were gone!!!!! im soooo sad!!!!! :(((((((((((((

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