Animal Jam Eggstravaganza!

Hello everyone!  This week there’s some big news to celebrate the coming of spring in Animal Jam!

There are new eggs at the Diamond Shop that will hatch “mystery pets”.  I wonder what that means??

It sounds like there are lots of new pets coming to Animal Jam and they’re arriving inside of these eggs!  You can get your very own mystery pet by going to the Diamond Shop and buying an egg.

Then you can customize your egg however you want and in 3 days it will hatch and out will come your new pet!  Has anyone gotten an egg yet??  What kind of pet hatched out of it?

You’re in luck if you’ve been wanting to get a snow leopard, they’ve finally returned from their travels!  Yet another big cat to join the herd in Jamaa.

I think it’s safe to say winter is officially over and it looks like AJHQ agrees.  There’s a new cruise ship party where you can enjoy the warm weather!

More animals will soon be coming and going to Jamaa.  Polar bears will begin their travels on April 27th so get yours while you can.  But if you miss out on a polar bear don’t worry because horses are coming back soon!

Has anyone signed up for the Animal Jam Box yet?  I think I’m going to soon!  There’s a new spring box coming soon.  Has anyone gotten theirs yet?  What was inside?!

That’s all for news this week!  I have a feeling there may be a big announcement coming soon to Animal Jam…check back soon for more updates!

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