Animal Jam Otter Codes

Otters Are Here – Update 8/21/14

The Otters have finally arrived to Jamaa!  As predicted, they are available at the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.


These little creatures can explore both the land and ocean areas in Jamaa which is pretty cool!


Here’s what they actually look like in the game!  I know, they’re still very new but please share any codes if any of you know of them!


As many of you know, the newest animal coming to Animal Jam is going to be an Otter!  These cute little creatures have been requested for a long time and AJHQ has finally listened and will be adding them to the game!  They were first announced at the end of July so I’m guessing they will be released this Thursday, August 7th.


There’s already been some images leaked of what appears to be an Otter sighting in Animal Jam!  I’ll post them below so you can see for yourself…  It hasn’t been announced whether the otter will be available for non-members or if you’ll have to buy one at the Diamond Shop.  Based on all of the past animals they’ve released, I would guess that it will be available at the Diamond Shop.


I created this page for any Animal Jam Otter codes that might come out when the otter is officially released.  Like I said earlier, I’m pretty sure you’ll have to get one at the Diamond Shop if you want an otter!


Many of you have probably seen the “twelve” code for a free diamond…I think AJHQ has finally realized that they should start making diamonds available for EVERYONE and NOT just members!  So to me that says that there is a good chance they might be releasing some codes for otters too!


I will keep this page updated once the otter is released and I’ll be sure to add any codes as soon as I hear about them!  If you know of any otter codes please share them in the comments so everyone else will have a chance to get one of these cute little animals, thanks!

  1. thank you

  2. i have member codes not a member tho xdusernamexd

  3. i has codes for membership xdusernamexd i am not a member tho but i have codes

  4. If anyone has a membership code plz buddy me im Jammer4v6md

  5. hi anyone know codes that haven’t expired

  6. if anyone has a member any member code buddy me no aj its thebunny33

  7. i got an otter code gogootters!!

  8. Hey the otter code is:


    Your welcome for the comment!

  9. Can someone buddy me on animal jam please? my user is flowerwi. its easy to get diamonds in the daily spin! click the right diamond and then gift and last is left diamond! enjoy!

  10. no codes for otter, its gone + to expensive WHY HAVE U DONE THIS AJHQ?!

  11. Anyone got a code for otters or a free member or non member account with an otter? if so buddy me on AJ, I am lolzerous

  12. code: ngkjammin, not otter code

  13. hi, i am cookieSwirlC, i forgot to add my pic. My other user is conan21, so in animal jam. the other one is miniswirl.make sure to visit my channel! bye! have a nice week!

  14. First of all i agree that aj needs people to buy membership but they need to make it fairer for non members if u agree plz help me protest in jammaa township p.s make a spare account in case you get banned and friend me , Cherrygirlfairy/xxrainbowsprinklesxx

  15. in aj non members get practically nothing and can get virtually no diamonds at all the only way to get diamonds for free is on the daily spin but it’s impossible to land on diamonds :((

    • Yeah, I totally agree with you! But, you CAN get diamonds. I was lucky enough to get about two diamonds on the Daily Spin one day! Don’t be so down, Cherry! We haven’t lost hope just yet!

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