*NEW Animal Jam Mobile App* – Play Wild Screenshots

Hey everyone!  So I know I’m a little late on this but I was looking around this weekend and found a ton of new information of the Animal Jam mobile app for iOS and Android.  As some of you may have heard, there have been rumors of an Animal Jam app since early 2014.  Many of you have played Tunnel Town and AJ Jump, but this new game is going to be a full version of Animal Jam for your phone or tablet!

Click Here for More Play Wild Information


The new Animal Jam app is going to be called Play Wild and will be coming out some time in April 2015.  This app will have many of the same features from Animal Jam but the best part is you’ll be able to play from anywhere!

Another bit of good news is that there won’t be any membership for Play Wild.  That’s right, there are no “members-only” items or animals.  However, some special animals will be available for purchase using real money.  I think they are going to cost $1.99 each but we will see when the game actually comes out.


In the meantime, there is a beta version of Play Wild available for Jammers who have an Android device.  If you’re interested in testing out the beta version, click here to sign up and request an invite.

If you’re like me and don’t have an Android device, don’t worry!  I’ve created a page just for Play Wild with tons of screenshots and other information about the game from other beta testers.  Click here to check out the page.

I’m so excited for Animal Jam to finally come out on mobile!  Let me know what you think and if any of you have played the beta yet, let me know in the comments!


  1. They need to make more animals that you can buy with just GEMS I don’t have a credit card to pay for sapphires. Please make some gem animals you guys should make a dragon!! Jam on!

  2. I AM FAMOS ON AJHQ AND MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. is it going to be on Kendall

  5. I’m EXCITED!!!!!!!! I have played the beta.. AND ITS TIME!!! THE OFFICIAL RELEASE!!!!!

  6. omg omg i love aj fox i saw the fox but ya!!!

  7. Animal jam play wild will be coming out in Australia on Friday isn’t that cool

  8. Sorry! When Play Wild will come out into Androind (Not downald)
    Your Kisombra

  9. IM…

  10. first, i saw videos and its already out, second i wish it was on computer cause i don’t have a thing for the app to go on wish i did though, third if you wanna search me its L244 on animal jam.

  11. I want Play Wild when it comes out..
    Do you have to pay to download the app?

    • It’ll be free! No membership but, you will have to buy some animals separately

    • No you do not but its availble on IOS and can be downloaded for free on the iphone or ipad! i cant wait!

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