Animal Jam Trading Cards & Collectible Tins

AJHQ just announced the release of new Animal Jam trading cards and collectible storage tins.  This news came out on 12/8/17 on the Daily Explorer.  I will update this post as soon as more information is available.

Animal Jam Deluxe Trading Cards

These deluxe trading cards and collectible Animal Jam tins are now available at Walmart and Target stores.  I’ll add the online links as soon as the products are added to their websites.

Based on the Daily Explorer post, the collectible tins will be filled with both trinkets and Animal Jam trading cards.  Best of all, there will be new codes inside that you can use in the game!

I’m going to check Target tomorrow and see if I can get some more details.

Animal Jam Magnet Cards

This isn’t the first time AJHQ has made Animal Jam cards.  In 2016 they released a series of magnet cards that come in a pack.  This pack contains 3 magnet cards, a mini poster, an Animal Jam figurine, and an online game code.

These magnet cards are still available for sale here at Walmart.  These cards weren’t quite as popular because they’re just magnets, not trading cards.  I think the new deluxe trading cards will be more of a hit because you can trade them with your friends!

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