List of All The Animal Jam Animals – New and Old

There are many different animals available for players to choose from. There are land animals and sea animals that can be used to explore different areas of the Jamaa map. For a full list and pictures of the Animal Jam animals, click the links below.

Land Animals

Ocean Animals

You can also adopt pets to keep you company along your journey.  You will find a guide to pets below.


If you’re wondering how to create an animal, follow this guide.

How to Create Animals


  1. I’m really wanting a lynx or horse my name is mmr26

  2. I would be happy to let myself be a member too and my other account bluthehuskydog. 😀

  3. And also i want a artic wolf , artic fox and deer. 🙂

    • I want a artic wolf and a horse and also a snow leapord

  4. i need an artic wolf!!!!!!!!!
    my username is jaggedpeak1

  5. i want to be a member and have every single animal free

  6. i want a falcon

  7. i want to be a articwolf 🙁

  8. i want a free deer

  9. They should add dinosaurs and dragons to animal jam too that would be fun to have new animals to play as and new pets.

  10. I want a free pig though I already have two animals an i’m not a member! =( my username is happyjam12468

  11. i want to be a free eagle

    • Well you cant just beg for a free animal but it would be good if at least one flying animal was for nonmembers or like at least a cool one

  12. Hi I’m a Player on aJ and I’m looking for some new buddies. Also add CATS. Can you make some of the animals to buy like with your animal jam money if you know what I mean. If you want to known my name to buddie me look down below.😃

  13. I wanna know how to get a free cheetah

  14. Hello! My username is Happysunnybunny589. Could anybody send me a kangaroo or a giraffe pet pretty please? I am dying for one.

  15. hi, i also collect animals so plz send me any pets u can spare, i am a non member so i dont have gifting but u can jam a gram me and then(if im online) trade me the pet.

    P.S i just got scammed all my rares exept for my pet mouse =(

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