Arabian Horses in AJPW!

Are there any Jammers out there that own a horse in real life? If you do, you already know how majestic these creatures can be. Almost a year ago, on November 15th of 2017, a new animal was released into Play Wild; the Arabian Horse. This amazing animal was first only available by getting the Arabian Horse Bundle for 250 Sapphires. However, it can currently be purchased at the Sapphire Shop for 150 Sapphires.

The cool thing about the Arabian Horse in PW is that it has its own dedicated locations. Check out the Horses Only Party, which can only be accessed by the Arabian Horse. There is also a secret area called the Horse Haven, which is located in Coral Canyons. Exclusive locations like these can only be accessed by the animal that its meant for, so be sure to get the animal first!

Play Wild Arabian Horse Appearance

The default color scheme when purchased is lavender for its body, and a darker, purple-looking color for its mane, hooves and tail. It has blue eyes, and a powerful upright stance. It is certainly clear that the horse is well-groomed, with bangs covering its face slightly, and a curly tail. If you want to see more of the horse, be sure to check out the pictures posted in the next section.

AJPW Arabian Horse Pictures

I wanted to see what the special abilities of the Arabian Horse looked like. I have taken pictures so I can share my findings with you. Firstly, I wanted to see the horse’s dance moves. It appears that it moves its legs back and forth in a quick motion, after which it makes a quick twirl. It then continues where it left off, and continues shuffling its legs.

The play action makes it tippy-tap on its legs, after which it rears. Reading means that a horse appears to stand up on its hind legs, as if it is about to jump up.

The hop action makes it hop up and down on all of its four legs. The hops are short, which has to do with the horse being a heavy animal by nature.

Telling it to sit will make it sit on its backside, with its legs stretched out in front of it. Its tail is wiggling in the back, and it seems to be breathing gently.

Lastly, the sleep action makes the horse buckle its legs and kneel down. Its head is slightly down as well, and eyes are closed. There is a breathing animation, which makes the horse wiggle.

Arabian Horse Codes for Play Wild

The Arabian Horse is no longer available for sale in Play Wild. It was removed from the game on August 5, 2018. This means that if you didn’t purchase the animal before that date, you can no longer obtain it, until it is made available again.

There are currently no known codes for the Arabian Horse. If I do find any codes, I will update this post. Leave a comment down below if you know of any useful codes.

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