Balloosh Journey Book Guide & Cheats

Balloosh is the newest land area in Animal Jam which is based on a swamp environment.  Along with this new area comes a brand new Journey Book page to complete!  Below you’ll find a full cheats guide for finding all of the items for the Balloosh Journey Book page.

Before I get started I just want to remind everyone that some of these animals can take a while to appear.  Some of them took up to 1-2 minutes to show up for me so just go to the spot pictured and be patient 🙂


The salamander is one of the trickier animals to find in Balloosh.  It’s located on top of the Temple of the Ancients.  You can get on top of the temple by using the stairs on the left side.  Wait in this spot and the salamander will appear on top of the ledge.

Swamp Snake

Now head over to the right side of the map where the shop is located.  Stand on the edge of the dock near the crate and the net.  The swamp snake will slither through the water near the end of the dock.


After you’ve found the swamp snake, it’s easy to find the heron.  Just stay where you are and the heron will land on the waterfall ledge to your left.


Now make your way down the dock to the other end.  Stand near the stairs like in the picture and the toad will hop onto the dock under the lamp.


It’s easy to find the lichen after the toad.  Walk down the stairs to the edge of the dock.  The lichen is located on one of the dock posts.

Snapping Turtle

Now continue traveling along the right side of the map until you get to the area with the ancient stones.  Watch the wall on the right side of your screen.  The snapping turtle will crawl out on the side of the wall.

Click Beetle

The click beetle is located near the snapping turtle.  It will come out and scurry down the hill on the other side of the ancient stones.


After you find the click beetle, head over to the left side of the Balloosh area.  There is a dock with some stairs near the entrance to Appondale.  The cattail is located to the left of the stairs.


After you find the cattail just wait on the bridge and the duck will come swim up to your right.


Next up is the leech.  You can find the leeches swimming in the water under this archway near the center of the map.

Water Lily

Last but not least is the water lily.  Go to the area where the strange stone is located.  Note: Be sure to click on the flower that the arrow is pointed at.  Other parts of the water lily may not work.

Congratulations!  You’ve found all the items to complete the Balloosh Journey Book page.

Now let’s see what the prize is…It’s a crescent moon window!  Pretty awesome!

Enjoy your new moon window and give yourself a pat on the back for another completed Journey Book page!

I have a feeling the items on this Journey Book page aren’t the only secrets that are hiding in Balloosh.  What else do you think we’ll discover about this new area?

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