The Basement of Secrets – How to Find this Hidden Room!

The Basement of Secrets is a hidden room in Jamaa that can only be entered by following a secret route.  It was added to the game in January 2016 and can be accessed by all players.

This hidden room is located in the basement of the Chamber of Knowledge.  Inside you’ll find a secret shop where you can buy special items.  Follow along and I’ll show you exactly how to enter the Basement of Secrets!

How to Enter the Basement of Secrets

The Basement of Secrets is located inside of the Chamber of Knowledge so first you’ll have to go to the Lost Temple of Zios area on your map.

The Chamber of Knowledge is next to Brady Barr’s Laboratory so follow the trail on the upper left side of your screen.

Go inside the Chamber of Knowledge and make your way to the end of the hallway, but don’t go up the stairs.

Now open your world map.  If you look and see where my cursor is on the lower left side of the screen, that is where you need to click.  Yes, that empty forest area.  Click around a few times and eventually you will be brought to the Basement of Secrets.  It sometimes takes me up to 10 clicks to get there so keep clicking until you’re inside!

When you enter the Basement of Secrets, this is what the room looks like.

It’s not very big inside but it’s filled with lots of old books and other mysterious items.  If you go to the right side of the room, you’ll find a secret shop!

The secret shop sells 3 items:

  • Chamber Lamp – 700 gems
  • Chamber Candle – 650 gems
  • Chamber Scrolls – 750 gems

The candle and the scrolls are for members only, but the chamber lamp is available for all Jammers.

When you leave the Basement of Secrets, just go up the stairs and you’ll exit out of the trap door in the Chamber of Knowledge.  Note, even though you came out of the trap door, you won’t be able to go back inside it.  The only way to enter the Basement of Secrets is by repeating the steps above.

I hope this guide was helpful and that you were able to find the Basement of Secrets!  I think it’s so cool that they added a hidden room like this to Jamaa.  Does anyone know of any other hidden rooms or secrets in Animal Jam?  Comment below!

  1. The ice cracks. It doesn’t break. But if you want to waste your time, then by all means, go ahead.

  2. I always wondered…

  3. you dont have to go in the temple btw. i learned from a vid
    also please comment secret rooms you know and how to get their. it helps alot!!!

  4. is it really true that on Mt Sheever the ice will break?

  5. It worked it worked it worked it worked it worked!

  6. Can you please show the exact point where you click because I can’t get it but I was inside there once

  7. thank you that is awesome

  8. If you get enough Jammers, Go to Mt. Shiver, and hop on the ice. It will break, and there will be a secret room!! I haven’t been in there though. Hope this was helpful, and thanks for the info about the Chamber of Secrets!! I never knew about it until now!!

  9. woah this is a super cool thing and it actually worked too. :0

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