Bitter Sweets Cheats & Walkthrough Guide


Bitter Sweets, a brand new Night of the Phantoms adventure, can be found at the Phantom Portal in Jamaa Township. In this adventure, you play as one of your pets and must touch Proto-Phantoms in order to defeat them and get back the candy they stole.


Once you have talked to the mysterious figure in the shadows, you are given 12 minutes to round up as much candy as you can. The more candy you gather, the more rewards you’ll receive. (50 pieces of candy = 1 reward, 200 = 2 rewards, etc.)

Keep in mind that there are Phantoms lurking around! You are a pet with only 1 health point so be very careful!


Like the eagle specific adventure, The Forgotten Desert, there are spots in which all 4 players must stand and reveal special prizes. These prizes can range from a bunch of candy to treasure chests!


There are also areas where you must be a certain species to unlock.


Rewards for candy are given out once time is up. Were you able to collect 1,000 pieces of candy? Let us know!


Candy themed!


Wait, what’s this? Looks like the minimap has taken shape of a Phantom!



  1. i keep getting 75 piece bundles but it doesn’t add to list and i get prize at 100 then jumps to 400 and last night i got over 700 and it gave me credit for 300 also i touch phantoms run over them and still no candy try to pick up candy no credits. This game needs major fixes for gliutches. i don’t cheat so don’t like to be cheated even by a game

  2. I have loads of prizes from this for trade
    indigoblue1 trade me.

  3. i am not a member so I can not play. I want some more fun non-member adventures!

  4. wow

  5. I got to 700. Mgkap

  6. Plz friend me and trade me Candy shop couch. My username is clittlebunny!!


  8. OMG hi guys my aj username is skywarrior2 and i have unlocked all chests in bitter sweets! i am giving away ALL my bitter sweets items because i dont want them. i am not a member so I cant send them but i will trade them. i just want 4 plushies each for them.There is a twist (not a scam) all u have to do is send me a buddy request. IF i accept then i get ONE bitter sweets item! GOOD LUCK!

  9. I RLLY like the new adventure, it is rlly fun! I haven’t been able to get to 700… Yet. I WILL make it to 700!! I AM DETERMINED TOO…. Yeah.. Hehe okie that’s all


  11. Omg, this game is soooo fun!
    Also, sub to me on youtube, I subscribe back!
    I will either be under TheMoustacheFox-AJ or SwordArtOnlineRox-AJ
    (You have to go further down, im the one with the eight subscribers and a picture of a cute flame looking fox)
    Its more accurate if you do TheMoustacheFox-AJ though

  12. i got 700 candies and i got a candy shop couch! :DD

  13. i have tried this adventure it is so fun you even get to play as your pet i am happy aj made this adventure its so much fun!! (thank you animal jam)

  14. loved it!!!!!!!!!

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