Bubble Trouble Adventure Walkthrough Guide & Cheats

Bubble Trouble is the first underwater adventure that came to Animal Jam.  The dolphins have been captured by the phantoms and are stuck in cages.  It’s up to you to free them!


First talk to Liza. She’ll tell you that the phantoms have been polluting the ocean and capturing animals.

Swim all the way to the right until you see the pipe leaking pollution. Swim above the valve and use your spin move to close the valve.

Allie the dolphin will thank you for closing the valve and tells you that four of her friends are trapped in the ocean below.

Keep swimming forward and use your spin move to close the valves that are in your way.

You’ll find Jane the dolphin trapped in a cage. She tells you that she has a valve to close the pipes if you can find the key to set her free.

Swim over to the left and you’ll find four phantoms swimming around. Get their attention one by one and lure them into the chomper clams.

After you trap the last phantom, it will drop the key to unlock the dolphin cage.

Use the key to set Jane free from her cage and she’ll give you the valve to turn off the phantom pipe.

Pick up the valve then swim over to the left. Place the valve on the phantom pipe then use your spin move to turn off the pipe.

Swim to the left and go down the current and you will find the other three trapped dolphins.

You need to find all three keys to free the dolphins. Most of the keys are blocked by phantom pipes so you’ll need to find the valves to close them.

It can be kind of a maze trying to find your way through the coral reefs, just follow the currents and you should be able to find all three keys. Here is a picture of the map to help.

Once all three dolphins have been freed, swirl with them to open the phantom door.

Be careful not to touch the walls while you’re swimming out of the deep, they will hurt you!

Once you swim to the surface, Liza will thank you for your help and give you a gift.

The Bubble Trouble adventure is complete, way to go!

  1. when i do the spin move it doesnt do anything at all 🙁

  2. It has no help whatsoever. It will not show how to kill the phantoms

  3. this didn’t help. I asked for the locations. You just gave how to do it! DX Bubble Trouble is fun but i do hate those Bubble paths!

  4. how do i get it turn off?

  5. bubble trouble is awesome but why cant non members get non member prizes

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