Cami’s Frog – Rare Animal Jam Beta

Every now and then, AJHQ introduces very special items into Animal Jam. Cami’s Frog is one of those items. It was originally released in August 2010, which was during the Beta Testing phase of AJ. At the time, it was sold at Jam Mart Clothing for 100 Gems.

Cami’s Frog was introduced into Animal Jam as homage to a young girl, who survived leukemia. That young girl was the daughter of someone that worked at the company that created AJ. The toy is introduced to the game, just for her. She apparently still is part of the company.

Cami’s Frog Beta Appearance

Cami’s Frog looks like a frog plushie, green of color. On its stomach, there is a pink patch, and it seems like there are stitches around its stomach. This could indicate that the toy was hurt, and that it has been patched up and is healing right now. In the picture below, you can see what the item looks like.

How to Get Cami’s Frog in Animal Jam

There are currently two ways to obtain Cami’s Frog. The first one is by completing adventures. The second one requires you to find a Jammer that already owns the item.

Adventure Prizes

Even though Cami’s Frog was sold at Jam Mart Clothing during the Beta Testing phase of the game, it can still be obtained as an adventure prize. Currently, The Forgotten Desert adventure, as well some others, have Cami’s Frog in their prize pool. This means that, if you successfully complete these adventures, there is a chance that you will actually win this item as a reward.


Another option to get Cami’s Frog is by finding a player that already owns it. You can ask if they are willing to part ways with theirs, and if they would like to trade with you. You increase your chances of a successful trade when you own valuable items yourself, and actually offer one of them for the item you are looking to obtain. Go to crowded places within the game to increase your chances even more.

Cami’s Frog Beta Codes

Unfortunately, there are no working codes available for Cami’s Frog. You won’t be able to enter a special code that will give you this den item for free. You can either try to earn it as a reward for completing The Forgotten Desert adventure, or you can try to find a Jammer that is willing to trade you theirs. With some luck, you should be able to obtain Cami’s Frog.

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