Coral Canyons Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Coral Canyons is located at the top right side of the Jamaa map.  Sometimes Jammers are sent here if Jamaa Township is full.


This is a desert area and is almost entirely made of red rock.  Coral Canyons is usually pretty busy and you can find plenty of desert plants here too.


Coral Canyons Journey Book Cheats Guide


Coral Canyon Bridge: The Coral Canyon bridge is located at the top of the area and sits above the Sarepia Forest.  If four or more Jammers jump on the bridge at once, the bridge will start to crack and eagles will fly out from the Sarepia Forest.  There are rumors that if enough Jammers hop on it at once, the bridge will break.  So far there is no proof of this though.


Art Studio: Inside the art studio you can do several types of art projects.  Jammers can color pottery, paint pictures, and even print them out.



Epic Wonders: This shop is located under the waterfall in Coral Canyons.  Inside you’ll find lots of different and mysterious items for purchase.  Be sure to go up the stairs to find more items for sale.


Den Shop: The den shop is located near the Coral Canyons bridge.  At this shop you can buy themes for your dens.  Everything from castle themes to sunken ships.



Long Shot: Click to launch an armadillo across the course.  Time your launch perfectly to go further.

Sky High: Jump on top of the clouds and collect gems while trying to reach the top of the game.  The clouds disappear after you jump on them so be careful.  Also watch out for phantoms!

Best Dressed: This is pretty much a fashion show.  Dress your Jammer up according to the theme and then vote for a winner.

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