Coyotes in Animal Jam!

That’s right Jammers! The Coyote is back in the spotlight in Animal Jam. If you have taken a look in the Jamaa Journal, you might have noticed the Autumn Coyote. Before we take a look at the Autumn Coyote, we are first going to check out the regular Coyote. The first hints of a Coyote animal in Animal Jam was seen on April 27th of last year. The official announcement came a month later, on May 11th. You can find the Coyote in the Diamond Shop now!

The Coyote is this fluffy land animal in Animal Jam, and really gives you the sense of curiosity and adventure. The Coyote has fluffy, brown fur and runs around all chipper. They are hard to miss and very popular in Animal Jam. If you visit the Chamber of Knowledge, you will also be able to read the Coyote Mini-book. Let’s take a look at what the Coyote is all about!

Animal Jam Coyote Pictures

I have purchased the Coyote and have wandered around with it. Just like every other animal in Animal Jam, the Coyote also has its own set of moves. Have you seen how the Coyote runs around? It’s extremely cute! You should check it out. You can see what the Coyote looks like, how it runs around, its moves and more, in the pictures blow!

You can buy the Coyote in the Diamond Shop in Animal Jam. To find the Diamond Shop, click on the world map, at the bottom right corner. After that, you are going to want to go to the Jamaa Township. Walk down a little bit, and you will find the Diamond Shop. You can’t miss it! It has Diamond banners hanging from the sides of it. To purchase the Coyote, simply click on the giant wolf statue, scroll through the list and select the Coyote.

Just like many other animals in Animal Jam, the Coyote is also a members-only animal. If you don’t have an Animal Jam membership, you won’t be able to buy the Coyote. The Coyote costs 10 Diamonds. As a member, you can easily get 10 Diamonds by simply logging in and using your free daily spin. This will reward you with free Diamonds.

Before you buy the Coyote, you can choose a name for it. A fluffy animal like the Coyote deserves a cute name! Once you own the Coyote, you will understand what I mean. Just look at the way it walks around. The animal looks amazing, even while standing still.

The Coyote will get tired of hopping around, so make sure to check out its sit action. It will sit back and push two of its legs forward. You could almost say that the Coyote wants to lay down and take a nap!

If you think that the Coyote deserves some rest, you could also tell it to sleep. You can see the Coyote laying down, putting its head on its arm to rest.

Have you seen the Coyote’s dance moves yet? It is as if it’s trying to do the shuffle! If you own a Coyote, you should definitely check out its dance moves, before anything else.

The way that the Coyote walks around already makes it seem like its hopping around. However, the Coyote is also able to jump up pretty high by using the hop action! It will jump up and down quickly!

The last action that the Coyote can do is playing. It is one of the cutest actions around! The Coyote will chase its own tail endlessly, running around in a circle.

Coyote Codes for Animal Jam

There are currently no Coyote animal codes that I know off. Since the Coyote is a members-only animal, you are going to need an Animal Jam membership to buy one. There were times that the Animal Jam developers released animal codes, but none exist for the Coyote, as far as I know. If you know of any Coyote codes, let us know by commenting below!

If you are looking to become an Animal Jam member, or for some tips and tricks on how to get free Diamonds, be sure to get out this useful guide. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Animal Jam memberships, free Diamonds and more!


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  1. I joined yesterday, especially to get an Autumn Coyote and got a Snow Leopard instead. Once I saw I couldn’t get the Autumn Coyote, I went to the store to buy a normal Coyote but saw they had gone too. I’m really sad because I joined especially to get a Coyote.

    Is there anything (diamonds, codes, gems) that I can do to get one, as I am really upset about this!

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