Cupid Wings – Animal Jam Rare

If you ever wanted to look like a little love angel, the Cupid Wings in Animal Jam are just the right kind of item for you. These wings will make you look like a real matchmaker!

The Cupid Wings made their first appearance on February 8, 2014, just a few days before Valentine’s Day. It is a members-only item, worn on the back. It was sold for 450 Gems at Jam Mart Clothing. After its initial release, it made a comeback on February 11, 2015. This time, the wings were slightly altered, giving them a different appearance.

As you can see here, the Cupid Wings look just like they angel wings. When put on, the wings will appear high on the back of the Jammer. The original wings from 2014 have a white shine to them, especially on the edges. The 2015 version of the wings have a colorful shine, which matches their own color. There is a total of seventeen varieties of the Cupid Wings. The first eight are the original ones, after which came the eight newer ones, and there is a rare one.

Original Cupid Wings in Animal Jam

As mentioned above, there are two different versions of the wings. The original ones and the newer ones. They come in the colors Pink, White, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Brown and Black.


New Cupid Wings

The newer versions also come in the same colors as the original wings. The only difference is their shine on the edges of the wings, a little detail that is hard to miss. Just like the original wings, the newer wings are also members-only items.


Rare Item Monday Cupid Wings

There is also a RIM Cupid Wings. They were available on October 13, 2014. This means that they have the same design as the original wings, released in the same year. The Rare Item Monday wings have a dark purple/lavender color, and the cover has the rare tag on it. This items is quite valuable, and is difficult to find in Animal Jam.

How to Get Cupid Wings in Animal Jam

The Cupid Wings are no longer for sale at Jam Mart Clothing. If you didn’t purchase them back when they were, you will no longer be able to get them with Gems. However, if you follow the methods below, you will still be able to get your hands on some wings.


Trading is one of the main ways to get the wings for yourself. It is still possible to trade the original ones, as well as the newer ones. The items are still quite wanted, even though they are a few years old now. Best way to find a Jammer that has these wings is to go to some of the more crowded places in Jamaa, such as the Jamaa Township. Animaljamworld has a very handy guide on how to safely trade on AJ. It is definitely worth to go over the steps!

Adventure Prizes

It is no longer possible to win the original Cupid Wings by doing adventures. However, you can still win the newer wings. The Forgotten Desert adventure still rewards Jammers with many items, including the newer Cupid Wings. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that there is a huge drop table, and winning the wings is not always guaranteed.

Cupid Wings Codes

One way to get items in AJ is by entering a special code. Unfortunately, there is no code for the Cupid Wings. If you want one for yourself, you will have to follow one of the steps above. If you do know of any special codes, make sure to leave a comment below!

  1. I have the green ones and would love to color swap for black or blue. Thanks! Username: Diamondstroke

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