Designer Shawl in AJPW

During the cold winter months, you are going to want to keep yourself warm by wearing clothing items such as gloves, and a thick jacket. Another item not to forget is the scarf. Today, we are going to take a look at the Designer Shawl in Play Wild.

The Designer Shawl was released into the game in July of 2015. It was sold at Jam Mart Clothing for 1,600 Gems. In April of 2016, it was removed, but returned in November of 2017. At the end of October of 2018, the Designer Shawl was removed from the stores again. Let’s check out what the item looks like, and see how you can obtain one for yourself!

Designer Shawl Appearance

The Designer Shawl appears to be a fashionable scarf. It looks to be made out of thick material, and wraps around the neck of the animal several times. At the end of the scarf, there are a few notches. In total, there are eleven different color variants of this item. In the pictures below, you can see what they look like.

How to Get a Designer Shawl in Play Wild

The Designer Shawl used to be sold at Jam Mart Clothing. However, it was removed in October of 2018, and hasn’t been seen in any of the in-game shops since. If you want to obtain this item, you can use one of the two methods mentioned below.

Pack Runs Prize

The Designer Shawl was added to the prize pool of Pack Runs on April 4, 2018. This means that you can currently still obtain the item by completing Pack Runs, and hoping that it will drop as a prize upon completion. It should be noted that the prize pool of Pack Runs is quite large, which means that the chance of you obtaining the Designer Shawl quickly is pretty slim.


If you rather not do Pack Runs, you can also obtain the Designer Shawl by trading for it. There are many traders in Play Wild that are looking to offload their items. You might have an item that they are looking for, so you can ask around and see if anyone is willing to trade their Shawl with you. You can find many traders at the Jamaa Township and Sapphire Shop.

Designer Shawl AJPW Codes

Unfortunately, there are currently no working codes for the Designer Shawl. Occasionally, AJHJ releases redeemable codes for promo items and in-game currencies, but this is not the case for the Designer Shawl. If you know of any useful codes, let us know in the comment section!

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