Epic Plushies in Animal Jam – Promo Codes

There is a large selection of den items available in Animal Jam, which is not a surprise at all. Jammers love decorating their dens, and to do so, they need to get den items. Occasionally, AJHQ releases special den items, as part of a promo. The Epic Plushies are a great example of promo den items.

In order to obtain the Epic Plushies, you needed to purchase Sidekix Plushies, which were sold at Animal Jam Outfitters. Sidekix Plushies are real-life plushies that came with a redeemable code. Once you redeemed that code, you would obtain an Epic Plushie, matching the Sidekix Plushie that you purchased. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Epic Plushies.

Epic Plushies Appearance

The great thing about the Epic Plushies is that they look like their real-life counterpart. They also have a cool animation where they will roll up into a ball when clicked on in your den. The Epic Plushies look fluffy, and they will definitely attract attention when you have visitors over. There are a total of eight different Epic Plushies, so let’s go ahead and check them out.

How to Get Epic Plushies in Animal Jam

Even though Animal Jam still has an online store where you can purchase AJ related items, they no longer sell the Sidekix Plushies. This means that your only chance to obtain Epic Plushies is by trading them with other Jammers. This will be a difficult task, especially since the original owners had to spend real money to obtain the Epic Plushies. If you do find a trader that is willing to trade their Epic Plushies with you, you will have to offer very valuable items in return!

Epic Wolf Plushie – Promo Codes

The Epic Wolf Plushie is the first one of its kind to be released in Animal Jam. It was released in December 2012. In order to obtain it, you had to redeem a code that came with the Animal Jam Sidekix Wolf Plushie. The item looks like it is based on the Wolf animal in AJ, blue in color. In the picture below, you can see what the Epic Wolf Plushie looks like.

Epic Giraffe Plushie

The Epic Giraffe Plushie is the second one that was introduced to the game. It was first released in March 2013. To obtain it, you had to purchase the Animal Jam Sidekix Giraffe Plushie. It came with a code that you could redeem, which rewarded you with the Epic Giraffe Plushie.

Epic Penguin Plushie

The Epic Penguin Plushie was released during the same time period as the Epic Giraffe Plushie, in March of 2013. The Animal Jam Sidekix Penguin Plushie, sold at Animal Jam Outfitters, came with the code for the Epic Penguin Plushie. After redeeming that code, you would get the item.

Epic Fox Plushie Codes

The rest of the Epic Plushies were released in March 2013. The Epic Fox Plushie was rewarded as a promotional gift to players that purchased the Animal Jam Sidekix Fox Plushie. In order to get the Epic Fox Plushie, you had to redeem the code that came with the Plushie.

Epic Bunny Plushie

The Epic Bunny Plushie was really sought after, especially since it looks so cute. The redeemable code came with the Animal Jam Sidekix Bunny Plushie, which was sold at Animal Jam Outfitters. To obtain it, you had to purchase the Plushie, log into the game and redeem the code.

Epic Croc Plushie

The Epic Croc Plushie is slightly different compared the rest. Crocodiles are supposed to be dangerous and vicious animals, but the Plushie itself is awesome! To obtain it, you had to redeem the code that came with the Animal Jam Sidekix Croc Plushie.

Epic Tiger Plushie

If you are more of a cat person, perhaps the Epic Tiger Plushie is just for you! This item was also released in March 2013. It was obtained by redeeming a code that came with the Animal Jam Sidekix Tiger Plushie. You could purchase the Sidekix Plushie at Animal Jam Outfitters.

Epic Panda Plushie

Lastly, the Epic Panda Plushie was obtainable by redeeming a code that came with the Animal Jam Sidekix Panda Plushie. The main difference between the Epic Panda Plushie and the other Plushies is that the Panda Plushie doesn’t have the AJ badge on it.

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