Eyeball Hat – AJ Rare

The Night of the Phantoms event is really an event to go all out on the spooky clothing items. It is basically the entire month of October, leading up to Halloween, which is on October 31. If you want to look the part, you will have to get some spooky clothing items yourself. If you want to look like a Phantom, your best bet would be to wear the Eyeball Hat on your head.

The Eyeball Hat is just a giant eye, which is worn on the head of your animal. It was originally released into Animal Jam on October 14, 2010 and was available for purchase at Jam Mart Clothing. The Eyeball Hat is a seasonal item, which means that it returns every year around Halloween and the Night of the Phantoms event. As an exception, it was winnable as a prize during the Bitter Sweets adventure in 2017, but was removed from the game ever since.

Eyeball Hat Appearance

As mentioned above, the Eyeball Hat is basically a giant eye, which you put on the head of your animal. It has a large pupil, as well as three large lashes on top of it. The original version of the eyeball had much brighter colors. The newer versions have darker colors. There are a total of seventeen different varieties available, nine original and eight newer versions. In the pictures below, you can see what the newer versions look like.


How to Get the Eyeball Hat

Since the Night of the Phantoms event has already started this year, it is very likely that the Eyeball Hat will return as well. Keep an eye out in the different clothing shops, especially Jam Mart Clothing, and pick up a hat when it is made available.


If the Eyeball Hat is not available when you want to obtain one, you could always find a Jammer that is willing to trade you theirs. The hat isn’t that rare, and there are many different versions of it available. It does require a membership to wear, which is something you need to keep in mind.

Eyeball Hat Codes

I was not able to find any codes for the Eyeball Hat. If I find something, I will make sure to update this post!

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