Feast of Thanks 2017 – November Animal Jam Updates

Hey Jammers!  November is here and there is a bunch of news happening in Jamaa.  Let’s see what’s in store for this month and Feast of Thanks 2017!

Do you have more favorite accessories and items than you can wear at one time?  Me too!  Well AJHQ has come up with a great idea so you can display your items in your dens.  Now you can buy mannequins of different animals at the Diamond Shop.

It’s basically a statue of whatever animal you choose, then you can put clothes and items on it to display in your den.  I think it’s such a cool idea, don’t you?!

I dont know what it is but something about a moose reminds me of winter.  Well pet moose are here just in time for the cold weather!

If you’re a green and environmentally friendly Jammer you’ll appreciate Cosmo’s new tree house den.  It’s mainly made of natural materials and creates a very peaceful den environment.  Time to cozy up for winter in this awesome den!

The buzz about Alphas around Jamaa has never been bigger.  Everyone, including myself, seems to be really excited about all of the new Alpha stuff!  What do you think of it all?

With the sudden destruction of Club Geoz came an amazing new building in Jamaa Township!  The Alpha Headquarters is a new place in Jamaa where you can see and learn about all of the Alphas in one place.  It’s so cool I’m going to do a whole separate post about it.  Check back for more details!

As some of you may have guessed from the teaser picture, the newest animal to arrive in Jamaa is the Red Panda!  You can go take a look and buy one for yourself at the Diamond Shop.

If you haven’t already seen the Alpha Headquarters, you may like to know that there are SIX new Alpha armor sets available.  Now you can buy the exact same armor pieces as the Alphas wear, I cant wait!!

It’s officially cold enough now for the Winter Palace den to return.  If you’re looking for a “cool” place to “chill” with your buddies, this is it!  Sorry that was really bad.  Anyways this epic den is available for purchase at the Diamond Shop.

Get ready Jammers because there’s a new adventure available for everyone now!  The Trials of Zios will take you on a journey to help Sir Gilbert and Liza.  Are you up for the challenge?

If you haven’t tried out the Eggstravaganza yet you really should.  It’s a fun way to hatch a mystery pet!  There’s even a new mystery pet that has been added to the mix.  What could it be?

For those of you who have ever had problems playing Animal Jam in your web browser, you might be in luck.  There’s a new Animal Jam desktop program that runs directly from your computer – no more using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox!  Check out our guide for how to download and install the Animal Jam desktop app!

That’s it for November news, hope every has a great Feast of Thanks!  What are you thankful for?

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