Feather Collection in Play Wild

Many Jammers enjoy hoarding different kinds of collections in Play Wild. If you are a collector yourself, the Feather Collection might be interesting to you. The Feather Collection consists of a total of four different types of items, two of which also have a rare variant, which makes it a total of six. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Feather Collection clothing set, and tell you how you can obtain each of the items.

Play Wild Feather Collection Items

AJPW Feather Necklace

The first item in our Feather Collection list is the Feather Necklace. It is a cool little band that is worn around the neck of the animal. It was first released on June 30, 2017. At the time, it was sold at the Traveling Salesman Shop for 950 Gems.

As you can see in the picture above, the Feather Necklace consists of a small band. In the front of the necklace, there is a little attachment with three feathers hanging on it. Those feathers have two colors. The Feather Necklace comes in only one variant.

Rare Feather Necklace

The Rare Feather Necklace received the Rare tag in June of 2017, after the original Feather Necklace colors were renamed. It was removed from the game in the same month. The Rare Feather Necklace is quite similar to the regular Feather Necklace in design. This item comes in six different variants.

Feather Tail

Another item of the Feather Collection is the Feather Tail. This item was first released in August of 2015, and was sold at Jam Mart Clothing for an unknown amount of Gems. The Feather Tail looks like a short tail that consists of a group of feathers. You can see what it looks like in the pictures below.

There is also a Rare Item Monday version of the Feather Tail. This version was released on November 6, 2017, and sold at Jam Mart Clothing for 3,400 Gems. The tail and feathers are mostly grey, while the tips of the feathers are yellow, and the base of the tail is black.

Feather Earrings in Play Wild

The Feather Earrings are a great match with the Feather Necklace and Feather Tail. They consists of a metal hook, and on that hook there is a small bead with a feather attached to it. The feathers also have two colors, just like the other items in this collection. There are a total of seven variants available.

Feather Boa

The Feather Boa is the last item type in the Feather Collection. It is a clothing item that is worn around the neck of the animal. The item was first released on July 3, 2017, and was also sold at the Traveling Salesman Shop, just like the Feather Necklace.

The Feather Boa looks like a thick scarf that consists of fluffy feathers. It is light-blue in color. The item comes in only one variant.

Rare Feather Boa

The Rare Feather Boa was added to the game after the original Feather Boa was renamed, and the Rare tag was added to the item. The Rare Feather Boa looks exactly the same as the regular Boa. However, it comes in a total of 6 different color variants, as you can see below.

How to Get Play Wild Feather Items

All of the items in the Feather Collection were either sold at the Traveling Salesman Shop or Jam Mart Clothing at one point in time. Unfortunately, none of the items are available in any of the shops anymore. Let’s take a look at how you can go about obtaining each individual item of the Feather Collection.

Giant Phantom Prizes

Unfortunately, none of the items in the Feather Collection can be obtained by completing any of the adventures in the game, except for one. The Feather Earrings were added to the prize pool of the Giant Phantom on January 2, 2019. This means that you have a chance of getting the Feather Earrings by feeding the Giant Phantom a Paintseed. This method might take quite a few tries, as the prize pool for the Giant Phantom is quite large.


The only way to obtain the other items in the Feather Collection is by trading for them. All of the items are tradable. However, it should also be noted that the Feather Collection is quite rare. Even if you were able to locate a trader that is willing to trade their Feather Collection with you, you will definitely have to offer extremely rare items in return.

Feather Collection Codes for AJPW

There are no, and probably never will be, any redeemable codes for any of the items in the Feather Collection. If you want to own the individual items, your only option is to find traders that are willing to trade with you. You can also try to obtain the Feather Earrings by feeding the Giant Phantom. I will update this post if I find any working codes for the Feather Collection.

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