Firefly Friend in Play Wild

It is possible to have your very own pet in Play Wild. Once adopted, it will follow you around wherever you go, and it will always be by your side. Today, we are going to take a look at an item that behaves like a pet, but is not categorized as one, called the Firefly Friend.

The Firefly Friend is an item that the Jammer can wear on its back. Once you’ve done so, a little firefly will appear, following you as if it were your pet. The cool thing about the firefly is that it leaves glowing sparkles behind. This will definitely make you look majestic and mysterious!

The Firefly Friend was first released in June 2015, and could be purchased at Jam Mart Clothing for 1500 Gems. It was removed from the store in February 2016. It made a second appearance on May 28, 2018, as a Rare Item Monday version. This version was only available for a day, and had a price of 2250 Gems. You can see what the Firefly Friend looks like in the pictures below.

Firefly Friend Variants in AJPW

There are a total of seven different variants of the firefly, which includes a Rare Item Monday version. Even though each of the regular fireflies have a different color, their sparkles are all the same, which is golden. However, the RIM version firefly has its own sparkles color, which makes it an exception. The Firefly Friend is a very unique item that most Jammers would want to own.

Regular Firefly Friend Variants


Rare Item Monday Firefly Friend

As you can see in the picture below, the RIM version has a unique color scheme. It also has Rare in its name. Once equipped, you will find out that the sparkles that this firefly leaves behind are not golden, but have another color.

Instagram Contest Firefly Friend Prize

This is what it looked like when you won the Firefly Friend during the AJ Instagram Contests.

How to Get a Firefly Friend in Play Wild

The last time that the Firefly Friend was available in Play Wild was back in May 29, 2018. After that, the item didn’t return to the stores. During April and May, it was also possible to win the firefly by participating in the Animal Jam Instagram Contests. There is currently only one way to win this item, and that is by finding a player that is willing to trade one with you.


If you manage to track down a Jammer that wants to trade their firefly, you should definitely go for it. Currently, it is the only way to obtain this amazing item, as it is not clear if it ever will make a comeback into the stores in PW. Keep in mind that, while there are six different regular variants, they all have the same color sparkles. In theory, it shouldn’t make a difference which one you get, as it all looks the same when you walk around.

Firefly Friend Codes

After searching on the internet for a while, I was not able to find any Firefly Friend codes. I will keep you guys updates, in case the firefly ever becomes available by redeeming a code.

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